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Why Look For A Green Spa

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Spas seem like such a natural and relaxing place. Most spas have elements like waterfalls, peaceful music, outdoor hot tubs, and nordic spas even encompass wildlife in some ways. But the problem with a lot of spas is that they aren’t as green as they seem, and that relaxed natural feeling you get when you visit a spa might not be more than a simple illusion.

Some spas are moving towards more green initiatives, and spa goers are really liking these green movements. If you are looking for spas that are more green and leave less of a footprint, here are some of the things to look for in a green spa that truly puts nature first.

  1. Natural fibers: a spa should work to provide its clientele with linens, towels, and robes that are made from natural fabrics. Various fabrics are eco-friendly including organic cotton, bamboo, and even soy. Ask the spa that you visit what they use when it comes to materials.
  2. Products used: are the products used in a spa natural or organic? Can you count on organic soaps and other products? Does the shower in the lockerroom contain body wash and shampoo that doesn’t include toxic ingredients?
  3. Chemicals: spas are required by law to make sure that the facilities are free of any germs and are kept really neat and clean, but it’s possible to clean a spa without using any harsh chemicals. Use your nose to see whether or not a spa smells like bleach or chlorine, or if other greener options are being used.
  4. Look for signs of nature: does the spa make really good use of sunlight and air space? Are there air filters throughout the spa? If you ask spa owners, can they tell you what kind of filtration system is used?

Asking The Right Questions

You may see that a spa claims to be green when looking at that spa’s website or other literature, but the fact of the matter is that you have to ask the right questions. Find out what you really want to know about, ask those questions to the right person (try to find upper management or someone higher up to speak to), and feel good about your decision.

You at the Spa

You can also do some things to remain green while you are at a spa. First, try and take shorter showers, so that you aren’t wasting water. You can also cut back on the number of towels that you use while you’re at the spa, so that the spa doesn’t have to wash your laundry regularly. Simply using less of everything while you are relaxing is a great way to unwind and be eco-friendly too, so don’t underestimate the beauty of a spa, or what you can do to make your spa experience a green one. As your Fort Collins spa, Athena has made many choices when it comes to making sure your complete spa experience is an eco-friendly one. From the products that we sell to our clients and use during things like pedicures and haircuts to the way that we clean our Fort Collins spa, our goal is to provide you with top service that’s also green service. This way, you can truly feel good about coming to our Fort Collins spa.

If you are looking for a greener spa option, make sure to come into Athena to see what our spa services can do for you – and for the environment. We offer a complete array of spa services ranging from pedicures to manicures and everything in between. Call us today to book an appointment, or let us know about any part of our green spa experience that you’re wondering about!

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