Looking Your Best From Top To Bottom

Ask any woman. She’ll tell you. Nothing makes a girl feel better than knowing her hair looks good, and knowing she can fit back into her favorite pair of slacks or jeans. That’s why at our Windsor Salon, we focus on helping your hair look its best in our hair salon, and focus on helping you with your weight loss goals in our spa to trim down the derriere.


The Top End First: What Your Hair Says About You

We all know that what we are like on the inside counts more than how we look on the outside. But how you look does define the type of person you are.

Let’s face it – when you look good – you feel good. About yourself. About life in general. And that reflects right back in how people respond to you as a person.

Our hair and appearance are part of the total package whether you are looking to get a job or move forward in a career, or whether you just want to feel and look attractive as a wife, a mom, or simply as a woman.

When visiting the hair salon, here are some tips on getting the best look and hairstyle for you:

  • Don’t make your goal be looking like somebody else – it’s about bringing out the best “you” in you.
  • Don’t focus on simply correcting or concealing flaws – but instead, a good stylist will find where the beauty is and bring it out.
  • A good stylist will know how to bring out beautiful, high cheekbones. Or frame a great smile. Or accentuate large, captivating eyes.
  • Enhance your best feature with color and style.

Now the hard part: maintain, maintain, maintain. Keep up with that color and cut at our Windsor Salon, because nothing will make you feel worse about your hair than the “in-between” stage.


The Bottom End: Caring for Unsightly Cellulite

Helping your meet your weight loss goals is part of our goal here at Athena. But you need to know that losing weight may make your cellulite less visible, but it won’t go away altogether without some proactive commitment on your part.

Although cellulite is nothing to be concerned about medically speaking, this unsightly, dimpled texture on our derriere and thighs make us feel…well, icky.

Caused by an increase in fat tissue, the only way to completely lose cellulite is by eating a healthy diet to lose unwanted weight, strengthening and toning the affected areas, and one of the most popular ways – using massage therapy.


Check out our August Salon & Spa special at our Windsor salon: Cellulite Treatment as a $15 add on to any massage in our spa. With a savings of $20 off the regular price, we want to help you meet your weight loss goals – and don’t forget to stop in at our hair salon to finish the look – so you will be looking your best from – top to bottom!

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