Maintaining Your Manicure: Nail Salon-Approved Tips for Cuticle Care

You will likely remember that your best manicures gave special attention to your cuticles. This is an important step in your nail salon visit. In fact, this is one of the most significant services that set apart a professional manicure from one you perform at home. While you may not be able to duplicate the immaculate nail base that your nail salon provides, there are some steps you can take between manicures to keep your cuticles looking healthy and clean between visits.

Cuticle care recommendations from Athena Salon and Spa:

  1. The Athena Salon and Spa is known for its commitment to natural products. You can continue to treat your cuticles naturally at home by massaging olive oil, or a mixture of jojoba and eucalyptus oils into your cuticles after bathing. This will prevent your cuticles from drying out between manicures.
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    Caring for your cuticles at home helps prolong the best manicures from your nail salon

  2. To soften your cuticles before pushing them back, apply orangewood oil or another cuticle remover.
  3. Don’t cut your cuticles! Use a non-metal stick to push them back – try an Orangewood stick for the best all-natural results. First push back the cuticle, then rub the stick in a circular motion to remove the dead skin.
  4. After pushing back your cuticles, remove the dead skin and apply a moisturizer like olive oil or jojoba oil.
  5. Cut hangnails carefully, and be sure to disinfect your cuticle nippers beforehand with alcohol or peroxide first!

Things to watch out for while caring for your cuticles between manicures:

  1. Avoid metal pieces on your cuticles. These can be harmful to your cuticles and your nails.
  2. Do not trim, cut, or otherwise trim your cuticles! Your cuticle skin is meant to protect your nail base. Damaging your cuticles could cause them to detach from your nail, leading to infections or even nail loss! If you are not sure how to care for your cuticle, it might be best to head back to the nail salon at Athena Salon and Spa for proper maintenance.
  3. Don’t bite your nails! This is the easiest way to damage your cuticles. What’s more, biting your nails will ruin even the best professional manicure.

Your salon manicure will leave your cuticles perfectly moisturized and even. While you might not achieve the best manicure at home, using these tips will help to prolong your manicure until you can make it back for your next visit.

If you feel unsure about how to properly care for your cuticles, a professional manicure from the Athena Salon and Spa will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. To schedule your next manicure at Athena, call 970-223-0273.

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