Make Your Peepers Pop: Choosing the Right Color Eye Shadow for Your Eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul. They express emotion, convey thoughts without saying a word, they are able to soak in the beauty around you, and are one of the first features that are noticed when people look at your face. Your eyes are an important aspect of who you are and your individual beauty and should therefore be given priority when it comes to applying makeup to your face.

Enhancing your eyes and making your peepers pop is one of the most important things you can do to create a beautiful overall look. The power of professional-looking makeup application will make your eyes stand out and impress anybody that you come across during your day. Here are a few Athena Spa and Salon approved tips for choosing which eye color shadow works best for your eyes.

1. Picking the perfect hue of eye shadow color depends on the color of your eyes and skin. Contrast colors for eye shadows that will make your eyes stand out. 

2. Using high quality salon products, such as Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup available at Athena Spa and Salon will give you a professional and beautiful look.

3. For blue eyes use warm browns, peaches, and cool rose colors to make your eyes stand out. Brown is the contrast color for blue eyes and will make your eyes look deeper blue. Stay clear of blue eye shadow as this will merely blend with your natural eye color.

4. For grey eyes apply cool browns and purples to make your eyes shine.

5. For green or hazel eyes stick with warm orange-brown eye shadow colors. Green or hazel eyes are earth colors so you may also want to try violet or purples as well.

6. If you have brown eyes, you can just about get away with any color of eye shadow. Blue tones are a great way to make your brown eyes pop, just make sure to use less intense blues the fairer your skin. Pink and burnt orange are also great colors for brown-eyed girls.

7. Be careful with shades of green eye shadow, it has a tendency to look somewhat unnatural or dirty if not applied correctly. Pink shades can also make eyes look puffy. Women with deep-set eyes may want to try a pink shadow to bring their eyes forward.

Enhancing your eyes is a very important aspect when it comes to makeup application. Make an appointment with Athena Spa and Salon in Windsor for free makeup color matching. They also offer an array of salon services when it comes to makeup, including full applications and lessons. Call them today at 970-223-0273 to make an appointment today!

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