Making Beautiful Brides Shine

As a bride, prepping the bridal party for a wedding can make the day stressful and exhausting – or it can be a time of relaxing and fun with your best girl friends. Let the professionals at the spa get you ready. Try one of several different wedding spa packages, complete with all the salon services and a spa massage.

Beautiful bridal spa servicesBenefit 1: Looking Great

With everything the salon has to offer, you can enhance your radiant look when you come down the aisle.

Most wedding spa packages start with a facial to smooth away the stress lines and dark circles under your eyes from all those days of planning. Then have your makeup professionally done. The makeup artist will know just exactly how to highlight your glowing eyes and beautiful smile so that you will look beautiful in front of all your guests. The cosmetologist can also help you to get the look you’re going for – do you want a cosmopolitan, runway model look, or a fresh and innocent girlish glow?

Next, get a professionally done hairdo. You will have a stylist who knows just exactly how to show off your veil and tiara, while bringing out all the natural beauty of your hair.

Finally, since all the details must be perfect, you can’t skip the manicure and pedicure. You want to look completely put together. Beautiful hands and nails will highlight your new ring, and you can show off your adorable new shoes when your feet are smooth and your toes have a classy shimmer.

Benefit 2: Feeling Great

The next thing to add to your wedding spa package is a spa massage for each member of your party, but especially for you as the bride. There’s no way around it: Most brides will feel stressed or nervous on the wedding day. A good massage, though, can relax you like nothing else. If you’re prone to stress headaches, a massage will leave you feeling much healthier and able to enjoy your day. You’ll walk away saying the spa massage was the best part of your experience at the salon.

Having taken advantage of your choice from several customized wedding spa packages, you will have no doubt that you will wow your man! His jaw will drop when the doors open. And you’ll remember that look on his face forever.

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