Massage Your Way to Better Health

Massages. They’re one of the best ways to pamper yourself. While pampering is a wonderful benefit of these spa services, it’s not the only one. Ancient and recent research point toward the efficacy of massage therapy in dealing with medical conditions. Those suffering from pain or other medical problems can choose from some of the best massages, specifically targeted to help their situation.


Healing Strokes: The Deep Tissue Massage

Recovering from an injury? A deep tissue massage may help. This massage is similar to a traditional massage except the masseuse uses more targeted, slow motions to relieve tension in deep muscle layers and tissue.


People who experience serious injuries or have a medical condition which causes chronic pain should consider a deep tissue massage. These conditions can create rigid connective tissue. A deep tissue massage helps repair this damage.


Healing and Prevention: The Sports Massage

Athletes, whether in the professional or hobby field, are particularly susceptible to muscle tears and aches. A sports massage uses specially designed massage techniques to ease the pain and damage caused by sports injuries.


In addition, the best massages help prevent those injuries from happening in the first place. By focusing on circulation and stretching, the sports massage improves flexibility and agility in athletes, allowing them to avoid future injuries.


The Baby Blues: The Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy often ranks as one of the most uncomfortable and painful periods of a woman’s life. Not only does carrying another human being inside of you create extra stress on the skeletal and muscular systems, preexisting medical conditions are often worsened during this time. To make matters worse, some forms of medication which help deal with these preexisting conditions are off limits during a pregnancy.


The prenatal massage, one of the best spa services there is, helps manage the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. It can help reduce swelling, relax the stressed moms-to-be, and manage muscle and joint pain. For the woman experiencing an uncomfortable pregnancy, this massage is a must.


Other Benefits

Even if you don’t have a specific medical conditional, getting one of the massages offered with your spa services can improve your health. Research shows the best massages help improve posture, enhance better breathing habits, keep anxiety and stress at bay, promote good circulation, create a clearer mind, and more.


Pampering and better health in one enjoyable session? What better way could you spend the next 60 minutes?

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