Men Deserve Some Pampering Too

In the health and beauty industry, you’ll notice that many services are geared towards women and most advertisements feature women. And while women continue to be the largest demographic enjoying these types of services, more and more men are discovering the value in self-care. Salons, spas, and clinics are noticing that men are taking more pride in their appearance, investing in their health, and finding relaxation in new ways. Now it’s normal to see guys getting facials, massages, nail trims, beard trims, and other types of pampering.

Here are some of the most popular salon and spa treatments for men:

  1. Professional shave

There’s nothing like having a trained barber to perform a straight shave to make you feel fresh and taken care of. Enjoy a hot towel, shaving cream lather, and soothing moisturizer as part of the experience!

  1. Beard grooming

Here in Colorado, the rugged look is in, but maintaining attractive facial hair can be a challenge. But at a salon, a stylist can cut, shave, shape, and style your beard or mustache to look clean and attractive.

  1. Spa massage

Everyone loves to get a good massage, and men are no exception. Going to an experienced massage therapist who provides a variety of massage styles is a great investment in your health and overall wellbeing.

  1. Facial

Men’s skin can be fickle at times, because testosterone boosts oil production, which can lead to breakouts, irritation, and large pores. Sign up for a facial that’s tailored to your skin type, and enjoy smoothness and even tone.

  1. Nail treatment

One of the indicators of good health and hygiene is the nails, and men can benefit from regular manicures too. You don’t have to choose polish, but you can take advantage of a professional hand massage, cuticle trim, nail trim, and buff to look your best.

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