If you pride yourself on being ahead of the Windsor hair salon fashion wave, this article is definitely for you. At hair salons across the country, the newest trend is about to hit, and it’s a big one! While even the best spa in Windsor might not be quite ready to help you sport this daring new look, get ready, because it won’t be long. Metalheads are about to start appearing and turning the heads of everyone in sight.


Hair Color Taken To the Next Level

It used to be the case that an unusual hair color, such as pink or green, got a lot of attention and seemed absolutely radical. Today, however, it hardly gets a second glance, although over time hairdressers have perfected the process and can create beautiful coloring creations. But people who want to be ahead of the game are searching for the next way to really make their hair stand out, and the answer is sparkly, bright, and metallic.


Silver and Gold

Some hair salons will likely specialize in the most extreme versions of metallic hair styles—gold leaf adhered directly to the hair, for example. This brilliant look would certainly get attention, but most visitors to a Windsor hair salon might be more interested in a subtle look. A delicate sparkle, like metallic extensions, catches the eye just enough for a great effect. Or, metallic glitter sprinkled evenly throughout the hair catches the sunlight and creates an incredible look.


Metallic dyes are not for the faint of heart. They completely transform the look of your hair, so only take the plunge if you are sure of your decision!


Tough to Care For

If this sounds like a lot of trouble, that’s because it is. Metallic additions to the hair are notoriously hard to maintain; you must be very careful how you wash, dry, and style it. Until the professionals have come up with a version that is workable for people who manage their own hair day by day, the metallic look might stay mostly in the hair salons of the highest fashion circles. But your Windsor hair salon might still have a little something in the toolbox to add some sparkle to your hair. Visit the best spa in town to discuss your options for a fantastic new look.

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