Nail Salon Approved Tips for Filing Your Nails at Home

In between nail salon visits, it’s important to continue filing your nails regularly in order to keep them smooth, shapely and well-manicured. Athena Salon and Spa in Windsor understands that importance of well-manicured digits, which is why they offer the best manicures in Northern Colorado. They also understand that life can often get in the way or your beauty routine, which is why they are offering you these simple tips when it comes to filing your nails properly.

Filing your nails properly is the first step in a quality manicure, however, if done incorrectly can damage your nails and make them weak. Here are a few nail salon-approved tips for filing your nails expertly from the comfort of your home.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Put a towel on a table to collect nail dust or clippings. Manicured Nails

If you intend to take some length off of your nails, clip them first. Clip straight across the tip of the nail, leaving a square edge. Also, make sure to leave enough length in order to shape your nails with an emery board.

When filing your nails with an emery board, hold it at a slight angle at one corner of your nail. Lightly stroke it from the corner to the center of your nail. Repeat this step several times, remembering to keep the pressure light.

Then hold the emery board at a slight angle at the opposite corner and repeat, stroking from the corner toward the center of your nail.

Do this with every nail.

Buff your nails if desired with a nail buffer to make them shine.

Gather up the towel and discard nail dust and clippings.

Wash and moisturize your hands and arms.

These are a few simple nail salon- approved tips for filing your nails in between manicure and pedicure visits at Athena Salon and Spa. If you’re ready for a professional spring manicure, call them today at 970-223-0273.

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