purple star nails

New In Nails: What’s Hot

purple star nails

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Getting your nails done is a really quick way to feel great. Plus, nail art has come a long way over the past few years, and now you can do practically anything with your nails (just don’t bite them!). This spring, there are a lot of really fun new nail trends to try out, so book an appointment for a manicure soon, and ask for one of the following things!

1. Sparkles and Neutrals: this look is natural with a bit of splash. Instead of asking for dark nails with bright sparkles, opt for nude or neutral nails with a light shimmer. You’ll love this quietly bad look!

2. Bright Colors: orchid, neon, and other bright hues are on trend this spring – after such a long winter, why wouldn’t you want some bright nails? Get into spring with this trend!

3. Ombre Nails: you do it with your hair, so why not rock the ombre trend with your nails too? Ask your manicurist to go darker on the bottom and lighter on the top – dark blue with turquoise is a really nice combo to try out.

4. Pastels: some nail polish brands are mixing pretty pastel (think Easter) colors with sparkles in one bottle, so that you can add some quick flash to your nails. If you pick the right color, pastels can work on any feet or hands, so don’t be shy.

5. Shades of Pink: from fuchsia to hot pink, pink will forever be a spring color – give it a shot. Not into pink? Try out some shades of blue!

6. Simply Bare: there’s a whole trend this spring focused on moving back to that natural look, and that means neutral polish or hands that are simply prepped and pretty without any polish at all.

7. Mix and Match Pastels: why pick one color when you can paint your toes different colors? Try out a different shade of pink on every toe or ask your manicurist to paint your nails unique tones.

8. Tiny Star Decals: nude nails (well groomed, of course!) with small star decals are fun. If stars aren’t your thing, you can add other decals to your nails instead, or just add one or two for a bit of fun.

Keeping It Fresh

If you can’t get an appointment at your favorite salon right away, you can still prepare your feet and hands for the warmer months. Try soaking your feet in a mixture of warm bath water and coconut oil (the pure kind) for smoother feet. Use a pumice stone to get rid of any rough skin, and finish up with more coconut oil for really smooth skin. You can use coconut oil on your hands too.

It’s not hard to make your nails look great. All you have to do is keep them in top shape by spending an hour or two per month pampering yourself (tough, right)? Not only will your claw and paws look great, but you’ll also be spending some much needed time de-stressing. Whether you book an appointment at Athena today or soak your stems at home, taking care of your nails shows the world that you can take of yourself – and that’s a powerful message!

Our Manis and Pedis

At Athena, we only use top of the line products and polishes. We also hire the best people in the business, so we can make any nail design you’re going for happen in a snap. Whether you want to rock that glitter trend or try something a bit more natural, we’ll get your nails in order quickly. We also offer polish changes, and quick pedicures for those times when you only have a few minutes to make your feet look amazing.

Don’t forget, too, that we offer unique wedding pampering packages for you and your entire bridal party. We want to know what your favorite trend for summer is; let us know what your new favorite spring trend is, and feel free to post a picture or two on one of our social sites! There’s no better way to get read for spring than to get a mani or pedi – call Athena’s nail salon today and see what our salon and spa can do for you!

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