Kamil Lehmann

New Year’s Resolutions

Kamil Lehmann

It is that time of year when the gym that was packed for the first few weeks in January is now going back to its quieter pace and those New Year’s resolutions of getting into shape are slowly slipping from our motivation. What often happens is that we put out such a huge goal that after a few weeks it seems just too hard to reach and the all or nothing attitude can set it.

I have often said to my clients that the need for “perfection” often gets in the way of doing a good job. If you can put aside the need to do it “exactly” the way you planned and allow for a few setbacks you will be far more successful in the end as you will adopt the lifestyle that is essential to keep yourself healthy for a lifetime.

Life will bring us surprises. Vacations, celebrations, company etc all come up. Allowing for the imperfections is what ultimately will help you be more successful. Patience is a virtue as the saying goes and this is definitely true in the game of health and fitness. And something is always better than nothing. So do not give up. Do not give in. Continue with your health goals and just do the best you can do everyday realizing that some days our best may fall a little short of our best intentions but it is always better than doing nothing at all.

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