Ombre Trend Sweeps Hair Salons

We all know that hair trends come and go. From “The Rachel” to big bangs and side ponytails, fashionable hair styles run the gamut, but the secret is getting in before the latest trend falls flat.  The newest and hottest hair trend making its way to hair salons across the nation is Ombre hair.

It’s a French termed hair craze that consists of darker and more natural tones at the roots with progressive lightening toward the ends. A popular look that often resembles a sophisticated version of grown out roots; it often eliminates the need for 8-12 week touchups and has women and celebrities clamoring to their local colorist. Ombre augments nature’s tendency toward dark roots and lighter ends. A substitute for overall hair color that requires regular maintenance and touch ups, this chic approach to hair color embraces our hair’s natural inclination to grow out.

Depending on how bold you want to be, Ombre hair color combos can consist of daring hues of pink, purple and blue. However, you can also tame the trend and just go for darker blonde and brunette tones that gradually fade toward the ends.  Here are a few tips for anybody interested in going Ombre:

1. Achieving a flattering Ombre look is harder than it may seem. Although you can probably find an array of YouTube Ombre tutorials, to achieve the best color combos and seamless fading of hues it’s best to stick with trusted salon services to achieve this look.

2. Consider what sort of image you want to convey before deciding to dye your hair purple or blue. A corporate job and an Ombre blue to raven black hairdo might not mesh. If you want to try Ombre but prefer a more conservative approach, consider rich browns, golden caramel and copper gradients.

3. Ombre is low maintenance and perfect for the girl that can never seem to make it in for her regular color touch-ups.  This edgy trend is supposed to look a tad messy, grown-out and like a trip to one of your favorite hair salons is in order. So if low maintenance appeals to you, Ombre may just be the ticket.

If you’re looking to change up your look this fall with something new and trendy consider Ombre. Just remember that salon services are the best way to achieve a flattering Ombre look that will work with you and your lifestyle.

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