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You might have asked yourself before: “Is an organic spa better than a conventional one? What are the differences? Why should I go to an organic spa or salon?” These are important questions, and should be uppermost in your mind when scheduling a salon appointment. Here, we look at some of the most important reasons for choosing an organic salon over a conventional one. Of course, if you have more questions, feel free to call or stop by. We love discussing what a difference going organic and natural has done for all our clients!

Organic vs. Natural: The Word Confusion

But first, a word about the difference between organic and natural. Where possible, here at Athena Salon, we use organic salon products. However, some products are natural, and those cannot actually be organic. The biggest example is Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. Our clients love this makeup line, but being mineral based means that much of it comes from rock and other inorganic, non-growing items. Rocks are not considered organic because they cannot be considered conventional. For example, you can’t spray a rock with pesticides to keep the bugs off. Because rocks are essential outside the domain of human intervention, they are considered “natural.”

Shampoo, on the other hand, can be organic or conventional. The items that make up shampoo come from plants and water, both of which can be treated with chemicals. That makes the end result, the shampoo, conventional. We choose the organic version, meaning from plants and water that are not treated with harsh chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides.

Better for Your Hair

Naturally, whatever products you use on your hair will affect the hair. But did you know it will also affect your scalp? That can have big repercussions for the health of your skin overall, and it can continually damage or help your hair. Conventional hair products often promise instant shine, curl, or volume – but they get these results from a variety of harsh chemicals. These don’t cause much damage in the short term, but no one buys a bottle of product just to use it once. Typically, you use the whole bottle before buying another product or version of the product. This means that for a lot of washes and stylings, you’re using a damaging conventional product. Long-term damage over the course of a single bottle can actually add up.

Organic hair products, such as we use and sell at Athena Spa and Salon, are actually much different. They avoid harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives, meaning your hair isn’t bogged down with chemicals. We like to use items that are found in nature, whether natural ingredients or organic.

Better for Your Skin

The same philosophy that applies to your hair also applies to your skin (sometimes literally!). Your skin absorbs anything that is applied to it, simply because of the pores. When your body can’t absorb or process the product that’s put on it, a rash or red spots might break out. That’s the body’s way of communicating, through the skin, that the item is harmful

And yet the skin is the body’s first defense against pollution, germs, and irritants. It works to filter out all the polluting agents that it can. In order for the skin to work at its maximum, it should be healthy. That means using only organic and natural products so that the skin can filter out all the harmful chemicals and pollutants that it encounters in the air.

Better for the Environment

The more you alter a substance or process it, the more pollution and waste you create. That’s the unfortunate reality of working in an industrialized world. Thus, conventional salon products are made with substances that have been drastically altered from their original states. A bottle of conventional hair conditioner can have huge amounts of waste and pollution in its history.

Organic salon products, on the other hand, affect nature as little as possible. Because they don’t use chemicals, their negative effect on the environment is quite small. The benefits don’t stop simply at the production stage; they continue when you bring them home. Organic versions are better for washing down the drain and are biodegradable in landfills. They are safer for animals that come in contact with them, whether on land or in water.

Better for Your Personal Health

Everything that you apply to your skin or lather into your hair will work its way into the body. That’s because everything is connected. Even products that aren’t in contact with you for very long, such as hair conditioner, will soak into the pores of your skin and affect the body. If you’re using conventional products, that means a lot of chemicals and foreign substances are being ingested. Your body has to figure out a way to break down these chemicals or expel them somehow. If it can’t get rid of the chemicals, medical issues often result. But by using organic products – which rely on elements from nature and don’t introduce harmful foreign substances into the body – you can increase your likelihood of health and wellbeing.

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