Organic Skin Care Product Blog Series: Reading Labels

Athena Salon and Spa understands the importance of a healthy and natural ingredient list when it comes to skin care and salon products, which is why we are dedicating a blog series to the ins and outs of organic skin care and products.  We will be delving deeper into the benefits of organic skin care in order to help you make better decisions and purchase salon products that are good for your skin and hair and will enhance your natural beauty.

From organic bananas to organic household cleaners, people are discovering that buying organic is much healthier for you inside and out than most traditional products. Making sure that our faces and skin is being treated with soothing and natural ingredients is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and beautiful complexion.

According to, if you want to protect yourself from the harmful ingredients that are used in most commercial brands, it’s important to browse your options of organic skin care products and makeup.  Being an informed customer is half the battle. Once you’re familiar with some of the dangerous ingredients, as outlined in our previous post, and you’re aware of what natural ingredients you need to be looking for, then purchasing healthful items becomes much easier.Makeup

Usually when reading labels on skin care products the ingredients are listed in descending order according to the amount of ingredient that is in that specific product. There are a number of ingredients that are present in many types of skin products such as emollients, humectants, emulsifiers, surfactants, and preservatives.

It’s important to note, however, that these essential ingredients are available in both synthetic and natural versions. Synthetic versions can be harmful, whereas the natural versions are much healthier. By simply researching the product in question, you should be able to identify if the ingredients are natural or synthetic.

If you’ve been searching for the best in organic skin care and salon products, make sure to visit Athena Salon and Spa, Windsor’s premier beauty salon. They offer an array of natural and organic product lines and can help you establish a healthy skin and hair care regimen. Call Athena today at 970-223-0273.

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