Oscar Night Beauty Trends

This year’s Oscar red carpet offered enough glamour to more than fulfill our yearly quota of red carpet beauty and glitz. Few of us have occasion to glam it up to the extent that Jennifer Lawrence or Reese Witherspoon do, but we can still adapt our favorite hair, makeup, and nail trends spotted at the Oscars and implement them into our own night’s out.

According to a blog post on Celebuzz.com, the stars opted to wear dramatic and eye-catching gowns while choosing to go softer and more natural with hair and makeup. Here are some of the standout red carpet beauty trends that you may want to try. Oscar Trophy

Glamorous Waves

Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon both sported Veronica Lake-inspired hair-do’s at this year’s Oscars. This retro-glam look can be looser and modern or tighter and more authentic, depending on what you prefer.

Nude Lips

Dramatic lips usually rule the red carpet, but not at this year’s Oscar red carpet. Many of the night’s leading ladies opted to go nude on their lips and glam up their gowns and eyes instead, creating a much more feminine look.

Soft Updo’s

The classic updo is always a staple on the red carpet, especially if you’re aiming to show off a barrage of jewelry. This year was no exception, except this year’s updo had a bit of a softer spin. Slightly looser and more romantic with tendrils framing the face, stars like Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner wowed the crowds and the photogs with their romantic updo’s.

These are only a few of alluring looks that paraded down the red carpet during Oscar Night 2013 that are easily achievable at home. Not good when it comes to over-the-top hair, nails or makeup? No problem. Simply make an appointment at Athena, the Fort Collins spa and salon of choice. They have the skill and expertise when it comes to salon services that will make you look red carpet chic. You can either play it up or take it down a notch with an array elite day spa offerings as well. Make an appointment today!

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