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It’s interesting to note how haircuts are usually created according to the shape of your face, but parts tend to be more of a trend thing. This fall season, emphasis has been placed on changing up your part, but it’s not easy to do – especially if you’ve been wearing your hair one way for a very long time. Suddenly moving your part can result in some insecurity, and most women feel odd wearing hair parted differently for even one day.

But, switching your part can be the easiest way to completely change your look – and your face shape. The way that you part your hair will dramatically change the way that your face appears to others. With that in mind, here’s our Windsor hair salon advice on how to change your part, and what each type of part will do to your face.

The Middle Part: a middle part is kind of a classic look. If you use a straightener and go with a sleek hairstyle, the middle part can look very trendy. If you decide to go with a middle part but leave your hair wavy, the look is more hippie-inspired.

A middle part will make your forehead look bigger, and it will also round out your face. If you have sculpted cheekbones and a short forehead, a middle part will look great. If you have a larger forehead, this type of part may look too severe.

The Side Part: side parts are tricky, and getting the right side part means taking careful stock of your face. Faces aren’t symmetrical, and everyone has a larger side. To balance that larger side, part your hair on the side that’s slightly smaller (a celebrity trick). You’ll have to play with a side part to see which side works the best.

Flipping Your Part Benefits

Simply changing your part can help with hair volume too. If you think about this, it makes sense: when you part your hair on the same side every time, your roots will become used to this position. Thus, your hair lays flatter. If you change the part, your roots will stand up more, and this will result in more volume.

There’s also some truth to the theory that keeping the same part can thin out your hair. If the sun is always hitting the same part of your scalp, your hair will become weaker in that area.

On the Bang Train

When we talk about parts, our clients often ask us about creating bangs, or whether or not bangs will work with a certain face shape. The rule of bangs across the forehead is this: bangs will make your face look shorter, so go for bangs if you have a really long face.

Feeling Timid Cures

Your face is your face – there’s nothing that you can do about your face shape, and, further, you should love your face! Changing your part will change the way that you look, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Making Your Part Stay

If you have been parting on the same side for a while, you will find that changing your part is kind of hard to do. Here are our Windsor hair salon tricks:

– Use bobby pins to hold your hair in place

– Place a winter hat over your hair until it dries

– Always part your hair differently while it’s wet

– Use a pointed comb to gently change your part

At our Fort Collins day spa, we recommend changing the way that your hair is parted every three to six months. You don’t have to change your part for long – and it doesn’t even have to be dramatic – but change is good. If you aren’t sure how to change your part, work with your Windsor hair salon stylist. We can help you find a part that’s unique, but still makes you feel comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis.

Call us today to book an appointment at our Fort Collins day spa, and feel free to ask us parting questions on Facebook.

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