Matt Trostle

People Ask me all the Time, “Why Do You Love Your Job?”

Matt Trostle

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I answer with a simple, “Why wouldn’t I love my job?”

I have been dedicated to learning skin and making a career in skin. When I decided to go to school, it was a friend that made the suggestion. With schooling came new adventures, new friends and a purpose.

I experimented with all types of skin procedures. What I found I was attracted to the most was a natural approach to skin care. I started working in Breckenridge at the Mountain Sanctuary. The woman who owned it was an esthetician herself. Wow was she the best teacher for a girl like me. I spent my time listening and soaking up everything she had to offer. Using a variety of products including Eminence Organics. I had heard of Eminence with our instructor at school, so this was just a touch of fate!

Taking any and every class I could to further my expertise was my dedication the first few years. I took second jobs just to be able to continue my education. Education was and is the key to my success, realizing that if I want to succeed, schooling was just the stepping stone.

I moved locations a couple times dabbling with different lines and learning more and more. The year before I came to Athena Salon & Spa I encountered one of the most trying years of my career. So much so, I almost gave up everything I had worked for, quitting my job and thinking I would never work on another guest. Then I met Angie, a like minded amazing woman. Was this possible someone with the same values? So I began my adventure with Athena. Bringing in the skin care line I love, Eminence, and continuing to educate myself and others. Working with such talented girls all unique and educated, I can give my full potential to my guests and continue on the path to be better!!! What I have learned is our potential is limitless and I can always learn more. In turn, learning more helps me make my mark in this world. Skin is more than outer appearance. For me, it is a little bit of magic in this fast paced life.

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