Perfect Hairstyles for Back to School

The beginning of August marks Back to School season. The easy summer fashions and the long hours of prep time are over, and the mad rush to get to class begins again! Here are some simple style secrets for Fall from our hair stylists at Fort Collins’ best hair salon:


The Fishtail

If you have long hair, this is one of the easier hairstyles that you can throw together in the morning. A fishtail braid is like an inside-out braid. Start with a low ponytail, and pull out a couple strands to let fall around your face. Then braid your fishtail, beginning either in at the nape of your neck or off to the side a little bit. Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. It’s supposed to look thrown-together! Also, don’t worry if your hair is short or layered. The pieces sticking out of the braid just add to the thrown-together look. Ask our hair stylists at our Fort Collins hair salon for tips to braid a fishtail if you don’t know how!


This one is easy. Blow-dry your hair back so your part isn’t too prominent. Then, use your fingers to pull your hair back from your face and pin it with bobby pins in the back. The exact position will depend on the length of your hair and the shape of your head. Again, don’t be afraid to let a couple pieces hang down around your face. It’s trendy to look like you didn’t try TOO hard! If you have long hair, you can use a paddle brush to smooth back the top half into a ponytail. Pin back your bangs and add some curl or texture to the bottom half, and you are good to go!


back to school hairstyles

Confidence is the key to pulling off the bedhead look. Try sleeping with your slightly-damp hair in french braids, or four ballet buns if your hair is long enough! In the morning, flip your hair upside down and spray it to maintain the beachy waves. Don’t look too carefully in the mirror – this is another look that’s not supposed to be perfectly polished! Our expert hair stylists at Athena Fort Collins hair salon can help you select the right salon product to achieve this look with your hair.

Natural Curls

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, don’t try to beat the humidity during the first weeks of school. Use a beach spray on your curls to tame them a bit, and dry them using a diffuser. Then, curl any sections of your hair that didn’t get the memo. If your curly hair is longer, you might need to give it a boost. Use a curling iron with a large barrel to help the curls along.

Our Fort Collins hair stylists are experts in back to school hair, and will be happy to show you the techniques you need to achieve your perfect, back-to-school look in time to catch you bus!

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