Plan the Perfect Anniversary Celebration

Anniversaries come only once a year. What will you do to make yours special? As you begin picturing candlelight dinners, romantic walks in the moonlight, luxury cruises, or weekend getaways, you’ll find your thoughts filled with delightful ways to relax and enjoy time together. No matter what you plan to do for your anniversary, you can always make it better by starting off right. If you’d like to relax and prepare for the perfect anniversary celebration, why not start with a couples massage? Athena Salon and Spa offers the best massages in town, with trained experts ready to make your anniversary an event to remember. While you’re in, you may choose to take advantage of our other spa and salon services, or you can simply sit back and enjoy a day of luxurious massage.


We offer a wide selection of massages for you to select from for your couples massage. One of our most popular massages is the deep tissue massage, which focuses on helping relieve the chronic pain caused by muscle tension. We target specific muscle areas with firm pressure and slow strokes in order to relax the muscles. Our Swedish massage provides general relaxation by reducing stress and easing sore muscles with special kneading techniques. If you or your spouse is athletic, one of our best massages for you is the sports massage, which involves stretching and vigorous circulatory strokes. This approach gives you an increased range of motion. Any of these massages can be combined with other spa and salon services, such as facials, body scrubs, or aromatherapy, for varying additional costs.


When it comes time to celebrate your anniversary, you know you want to do it in style. A relaxing massage is perfect for getting into a relaxed, romantic mood. By choosing a couples massage, you and your spouse can start the celebration early, enjoy a full day of relaxation together, and pamper yourselves with luxury. Whether or not you add extra spa and salon services, you’ll enjoy the best massages money can buy, and you’ll leave Athena Salon and Spa ready to continue the celebration. Follow up with a quiet dinner for two and a romantic evening. We promise this will be an anniversary that you and your spouse will never forget.

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