pink nails

Most Popular Looks for Holiday Parties

pink nails

The season of holiday parties is upon us, and the usual panic sets in. What’s fashionable this year for hair and makeup, and how do I achieve the look? For many people, that’s a smoky eye and nude lipstick. Others prefer a more subtle eye and dark red lips. No matter what, the array of options is endless.

And this is the best time to play around with your look, experiment with something you wouldn’t wear every day. If you’re undecided, your local Windsor salon can dream up your perfect look. Meanwhile, let’s look at the most popular hairstyle and makeup combinations for every holiday party on your calendar.

The Sultry Starlet

To start with a look that is now tradition, we turn to the smoky eye. The modern take on this look involves a dramatic graphic shape at the outer corner of the eye. Usually, this is in the form of cat eyes or wing tips, and the only limit to the size is what you’re comfortable rocking. If you haven’t worn this look before, practice applying the makeup prior to the night of the party. Tiny pieces of Scotch tape will ensure the lines are straight across and even. Or, if you’re choosing a curved wing, lightly trace the design with a brown eye pencil before filling it in with black.

A slightly messy hairstyle works best with this look. To achieve a messy look, you can loosely braid your hair and then tease out some strands. For an updo, pull up the hair into a ponytail and secure some pieces with bobby pins. Let some ends of the hair fly free (curl them for a less sleepy-time look) and spritz with hair spray.

The Bright Night Look

For the more daring among us, there’s pink at Christmastime. Choose a shade that’s a little deeper than your summertime hue, but still definitely pink. This color can be worn on the lips and eyes, or only on the lips. If you opt to wear it in both places, make sure to line your eyes with rather thick black eyeliner, to keep the look grounded. Otherwise, it risks looking like a beach party.

If you like this idea but aren’t much for pink, consider using bright red instead. Just make sure that it matches your skin tone: if fair, choose a more blue-toned red. If olive, choose a more orange-toned red. Either way, your eye makeup should be played down so that your lips can stand out.

With makeup this feminine, your hairstyle should match as well. Consider wearing it down in loose waves. Or, for a more formal party, have it curled at our Windsor salon, and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. You can wear the hair down or pinned back on one side with a sparkly clip.

The Sophisticated Woman

If over-the-top glamour isn’t your style, consider vamping up your everyday look to make it more party-worthy. You can do this with a little more eye makeup, especially black eyeliner, and a good lipstick. The lipstick can be a warm autumn color, usually a version of red. It should be glossy and deep enough to signal that it fits at the holiday party. You can also brush a glistening blush or light-reflecting powder over the apples of your cheeks to add a healthy glow. We like the Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener from Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. To finish off the shine, brush Triple Pearl Finishing Powder over the top.

In keeping with the more sophisticated makeup, keep your hairstyle simple. Consider braiding it into a loose side braid and curl the ends. Or straighten it with a heated straightener and spritz on mousse for extra shine.

… And Some Mistakes to Avoid

No matter what look you choose for your parties, you want to look stunning. With that in mind, avoid these few mistakes. If it’s helpful, schedule a makeup session with your Windsor salon to learn about the best winter-time looks.

Bare nails. This is the season to be dramatic, and nails shouldn’t be forgotten. Choose stunning colors that match your makeup, such as deep red or black with sparkles.

Too much glitter. Too much will look like a middle-school dance, which isn’t necessary. Dab only a little on the corner of each eye, and use small flakes that reflect the light best.

No shimmer and shine. On the other end of the spectrum, some women don’t use any shimmer. But in the winter months when you’re getting less sunshine, this light glow will signal health and vitality.

No preparation. An amazing party look will only go so far if your skin isn’t healthy to begin. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize daily, and drink plenty of water. This will keep your skin hydrated and allow it to bounce back from blemishes more quickly.

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