Prada Elevates Casual Sportwear

Prada has revealed their new 2013 line of sportswear. They have caused excitement in the fashion world by updating an old look with with bold new ideas. They have taken the casual look of a track suit and made it a new avant-garde fashion necessity. Prada used the theme of white bands across their entire new line bringing everything together. This is definitely a look that can be worn out on the town or to the hair salon.

The traditional white line down the outside of the leg of a pair of track suit pants has been given a fresh look by putting the line on the inside of the leg. This look has also been transferred to the jackets and overcoats. The white bands have been added under the arms of the raincoats and sports jackets. This not only has a good look to it, it is also slimming. You will look like you spent time at a day spa.

It seems even the shoes are not immune to the white band epidemic of this new clothing line. Prada has added straight white bands to the top of the flat leather sandals. Some of the shoes had a snappy fun look with a more criss-cross patter of bands on them. This banding of the shoes really helps to bring the whole look together. This new look will make you want to spend some time at a day spa getting the full salon services and hit the hair salon to give yourself an updated look.

Prada is the official outfitters of the Italian Olympic and Para-Olympic sailing teams. With the great looks that Prada has to offer these guys, they will want the full range of salon services to look like winners. Prada is a good choice for the sailing crew since they do offer a full range of outfits for all types of weather.

Prada’s new line is not just for the guys. Most of the outfits have been designed for both sexes. They have made a his and her version of many of the pieces. The female version of the T-shirts are designed from luxurious dyed fur. Even with this touch of luxury, this is a sporty line of clothing.

There is no doubt we will be seeing this new 2013 line of Prada in many of the upscale hair salon and day spa venues. When you’re dressed this good you are going to want to get the full salon services so you will look as good as you feel.

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