Professional vs. Store Bought Products


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As a stylist I am constantly looking for ways to help my clients understand the importance and the difference between the products we have in the salon and the store bought products. There is absolutely a huge difference between the two.

Store bought products are mass produced to accommodate a wide variety of people. Hair color and shampoos are made generally to work on every type of hair. Many of us have different types of hair with different needs.
Store bought hair color listed as “light blonde” or “light ash blonde” must be formulated to work on a natural blonde, red head, a brunette and even ethnic hair. A person with darker coarser hair requires a different and stronger concentration of the product to achieve a lighter shade. Salon color formulated by your stylist will be safer because an experienced stylist can determine the strength of developer that your hair needs. Someone of a lighter shade might only need a little lightening to spruce things up a bit and does not need the strength or tone control of a darker coarser person would need to achieve the same result. Therefore, your hair when using store color would be broken, split, dry and in need of some reconstructing treatments.

The same goes for shampoos and conditioners. The detergents alone in store bought products are excessive so that any type of hair is stripped clean which gives an immediate feeling of clean. Generally speaking, we all don’t need a product that strong. Your hair might be clean but you’re not getting your other needs met which is very important with chemically treated hair, those experiencing hair loss or even scalp conditions as well as what an individual is looking for in the styling their hair.

Overall, the ingredients with salon professional products will meet your specific needs as well as providing you with a more natural approach that’s going to be Ph balanced. My suggestion would be to try a salon prescribed product for a month, then try your brand. I bet that even if you choose to ignore the result you will certainly notice a difference.

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