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Proven Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

girls hair

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Are you one of those women who’s constantly changing her look? One month you have long, luxurious locks, and the next it’s a fashionable bob. The only problem: you can’t just flip a switch to go back to a full head of long hair! Yes, you can get extensions or a wig, but it just doesn’t beat naturally long hair. Of course, if you’ve recently cut your hair and are wishing for it to return to it’s lengthy state, received a bad hair cut, or even if you’re at that awkward mid-length during the regrowing process and just want to hit the fast forward button, you’re wondering if there’s any way at all to make that happen.

There is, although it isn’t an overnight. It won’t even be grown in a month. There really is no magic potion you can buy at a Windsor hair salon that can make this happen. However, if you follow some, or all, of the following tips, you’ll find your hair will reach your desired length a lot more quickly!

1. Change your Diet. Your hair is part of your body. Therefore, it makes sense that what you eat affects how healthy your hair looks and feels, just like your organs, bones, and muscles! Drink plenty of water, and be sure to increase your protein intake. While protein is great for your muscles, it’s also beneficial to your hair – your hair contains a protein made of amino acids called keratin, so increasing your protein intake feeds your hair what it needs to be strong and healthy. Eggs, nuts, meats, and some dairy products are good choices. And don’t stop with just increased proteins – eating more fruits and vegetables is just as important. If you don’t like eating veggies as is, find a great smoothie or juicer recipe. For added benefits, make your smoothie with coconut water, which is very nourishing and hydrating. Also, ensure you get enough vitamin B, found in bananas and peppers. If you lack vitamin B, your hair will be more brittle and break more easily.

2. Regular trims. It seems odd that cutting your hair on a regular schedule would help you achieve longer locks more quickly, but it’s true. How is this possible? Split ends! Whether you have split ends due to heat damage or just brushing knots out of your hair, split ends actually stunt your hair’s growth. When you notice split ends starting to get out of control, head in to your Windsor hair salon for a trim. Discuss with your stylist a trim schedule that fits your hair’s needs. Those who straighten their hair or blow dry daily will have to come in more frequently than someone who allows it to air dry on a daily basis.

3. Switch your Shampoo. Sometimes, those chemical-filled shampoos we use to save a buck or two end up doing more harm than good. One specific ingredient to stay away from: sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical actually strips oils from your hair that it needs to look shiny and healthy. Dry hair has a tendency to break very easily. What’s more, it can irritate your scalp, which will stall hair growth. Stay away from sulfates and silicones to wash your hair gently and effectively, and look for shampoos that feature hydrating natural oils like argan oil and Moroccan oil.

4. Biotin. Even if you have changed your diet, it doesn’t hurt to increase your growing power with a biotin supplement! You’ll love what it does to your whole body – biotin supports healthy skin, nails, hair, digestive system, nerves, metabolism, and cells.

5. Coconut oil scalp massage. Yes, a scalp massage is a nice way to relax and is part of the spa services we offer, but you can do it at home, and it’s so much more than a form of relaxation. You need to jump start the circulatory system in your scalp to rev up your follicles to crank out the hair at full speed. A massage is the best way to do this, stimulating the circulatory system so that your blood can deliver nutrients to the follicle more effectively and efficiently. Adding a bit of coconut oil or olive oil onto your fingertips feeds your scalp the moisture it craves, along with key nutrients as the oil absorbs into skin. Massage the oil in, and let it sit for about ten minutes (or longer for maximum hydration.) Shampoo it out, and enjoy the shine!

6. Minimize heat exposure. This may be hard for some, but try with all your might to avoid the blow dryer. Allow your hair to air dry as often as you can, as exposure to heat tools will keep your hair healthy much longer.

7. Wash it less. Despite what your mother told you, you don’t need to wash your hair every single day. As a kid, when you ran around getting dirty and sweaty, you probably needed it. The older you get, however, the frequency of washes should decrease. The more you wash it, the more natural oil you are stripping away from the hair shaft, leading to damage and eventual split ends and breakage.

8. Tie back loosely, if at all. Those messy buns and tight ponytails are breaking your hair, so stop! Try to find a loose style to pull it back in to cause less damage. Even better: don’t tie it back at all!

Your Windsor hair salon can offer numerous tips to keeping your hair healthy, along with a wide range of spa services to nourish it in between trims. Together, we’ll help your hair growth shift into hyper gear!

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