Q&A: Why Couples Massages Make Great Anniversary Gifts

The Summer months are well known as Wedding Season. While no one seems to mention it, this means they are also Anniversary Season! Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness would like to congratulate all of the couples who have anniversaries this month! If you are not sure what to get your partner for your anniversary, you might consider spa gift cards for couples massages at the best spa in the Windsor area.

Why get a couples massage?

Staying married can be just as hard as planning a wedding. One of the best activities couples can do to keep their marriage healthy is to spend time relaxing together, and what better way to do that than with a couples massage? The best massages allow you to feel the intimacy of an enjoyable shared experience, while lowering your stress levels and allowing you to let go of tension between you.

Happy anniversary

What if I’ve never had a massage before?

A couples massage is one of the best massages for ‘newbies,’ in that you have the moral support of your partner the entire time. You can focus your mind on the enjoyable time you are spending with your loved one, which will help you relax and enjoy the massage more than if you were alone and worrying about trying something new. Sharing new experiences is a key to success in marriage, and a massage is bound to be an easy way to check that off your list this year!

What are couples massages like?

The two of you will be alone in a peaceful room at the Spa, where you will be given full privacy to prepare for your massage. Then you will each enjoy your own massage at the same time. Peaceful music will be playing in the background, and you will both be encouraged by your surroundings to relax and enjoy your time together.

Can people other than couples get a couples massage together?

Couples massage can be enjoyed by married couples, dating couples, or even sisters, friends, or mother-and-daughter. Larger groups may even participate in other, less thorough massages together. Call the Spa at Athena to find out more about options for groups or events!

How can I give a massage as an anniversary present to my loved one or to a couple I know?

The Spa at Athena offers spa gift cards which can be used toward couples massage. Athena offers many of the best massages around, so the two of you will have to decide which type of massage you would like to enjoy together. Or, you can call 970-223-0273 to surprise your loved one by setting up an appointment!

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