Scissors. A bunch of scissors.

Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

Scissors. A bunch of scissors.

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Your long hair is your mane. It’s your cover up. It’s the one thing that you can make look good no matter what kind of day you are having. It’s fun to toss and it’s great for braiding. We get it! But there are many benefits to cutting your hair short for a while. Really!

If you’ve been envying the lobs and bobs that have been going around lately (or maybe a shaved side like the one that Scarlett Johansson is rocking these days?), let us help you make the decision to cut some inches off by offering up these amazing benefits for cutting your hair shorter.

  • Your face shape: If you have a rounder face, nothing is more flattering than a cut that accentuates just how cute you are! Ask your stylist to cut it short like Cameron Diaz, and see how much better you look.
  • It will grow back faster and healthier. If you get rid of all those split ends, your hair will no longer break and crack, and this means that it will grow back even lovelier than it was before – trust us!
  • Improved confidence. It may sound strange, but women that cut their hair shorter often report a higher level of confidence. How can this be possible? You can no longer hide behind that long curtain of hair, and this will help boost your self esteem and let your real face show.
  • Like Coco Chanel once said: “A woman that changes her hair is about to change her life.” Cutting your hair short before or after a major life change is like giving yourself a fresh new start.
  • You’ll soon gain the attention of everyone that loves your beautiful face. There’s no more hiding behind long hair once you cut it, and that means that your face will shine. You’d be surprised at how much your face stands out once all of that hair is gone.
  • Your natural texture will take over. If you have wavy or curly hair that you always straighten, it’s liberating to let your hair do it’s natural thing. Plus, your natural hair texture is likely the best way for your hair to be–just wait until the compliments start to roll in.
  • It’s easier. All you have to do is wash your hair and go, or just use a bit of styling product in your shorter locks. Gone are the days of flat irons and curling irons and hair dryers. You can now save all of those tools for special occasions, and just let your hair be.
  • You’ll look younger. If you are past the age of 30, you should know that shorter hair will help you look years younger. All you need is the right cut, and you’re on your way to looking ten years younger instantly.

Getting the Right Cut

So, now that you’re feeling motivated to cut your hair (right?), let’s talk about getting the right cut. My advice is to go through an app like Instagram, and snag pictures of short hairdos that you like. Keep these on your phone or tablet, and bring them into your hair salon in Fort Collins with you. When you speak with your stylist, you can show her the cuts that you are considering, and you can then decide on a cut that will work for your face shape and hair texture.

When it comes to Fort Collins hair salons, it’s important to choose a salon with a solid reputation that you can trust. Athena Salon and Day Spa is that place that you can trust, and we’ll make sure that you leave our salon looking amazing. Whether you want a pixie cut or whether you want something really unique, our stylists will find the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. Call our hair salon in Windsor to book an appointment, or come and join our Facebook page to participate in the conversation.

Have you ever cut your hair really short? Did you love it?

  • Laura March 10, 2015

    I’m thinking off cutting all my hair off because it has become really damaged. Will the hair that grows be healthier as it has not been exposed to the damage?

    By the way, thank you for the lovely article, it has given me some confidence.

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    • Angie Lund March 26, 2015

      The hair that grows back will be healthy hair until it is exposed to the elements that can damage it like heat from blow dryers, curling irons and the sun, as well as bleach and other environmental factors.

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