Red hair closeup.

Red, Red Everywhere

Red hair closeup.

Red Hair CC Photo Courtesy of Matt Aze

Red hair is an increasingly popular choice for autumn tones. People begin to look toward warm colors to add to their makeup and hair palettes to fit the season. But how can you find the perfect red while avoiding the overly brassy or purple tones? Here, your Windsor hair salon looks at some of the best red tones and how to choose.

Copper looks amazing with pale skin. Hair that is medium brown to dark blond holds this color best. If you have naturally reddish hair, this is also a great choice to boost the shine and color impact. You should also invest in a refresher shampoo, between dye appointments, to keep the strands from dulling or losing color. Ask for the latest spa specials to see if there are any treatments or products to keep this color looking fresh.

Darkened ginger will enhance either light brown or blond hair. Because this shade is nearly brown, it’s a great choice if you want some red while steering away from the brighter versions. Its warm reddish tones will also add color to pale skin tones.

Auburn is a step redder than ginger, but still tame enough for those who don’t want a high jolt of color. It highlights dark eyes well, so choose a dark auburn if your skin and hair are naturally dark. If you have lighter coloring, stick with the light auburn shades.

Strawberry shades are great for naturally blond hair. A mixture of blond and red colors, this dye will add some depth and warmth to blond hair without changing it drastically. Be sure to compare options with your stylist at the Windsor hair salon to ensure you avoid the pink tones. Your stylist will also know of spa specials to perk your hair up and bring out its natural beauty.

Dark copper is great if you want to keep your existing dark-toned hair but give it some warmth. This red tone will give the look of highlights everywhere and give your hair high shine.

Burgundy is for the brave of heart who want a flirty shade. This color can be noticeable but not overpowering. However, to avoid a carnival look, only those with dark hair and skin tone should choose this color. If you like the reds that look more purple, ask your stylist for a lighter version of this color.

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