Salon Services Secrets: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bikini Waxes

If you’re not particularly fond of the ‘Bigfoot’ look, hair removal is something that we all have to deal with from time to time. Granted it’s not the sexiest or most luxurious aspect of self-care or beauty maintenance, hair removal is essential. One of the most popular forms of modern hair removal is the bikini wax. No longer reserved for Brazilian beauties, women all over the globe are making appointments at their local salons with waxing specialists to remove the delicate hair located above and below the bikini line.

So what exactly is a bikini wax, how does it work and does it hurt? If you’ve never undergone the process yourself but are interested in giving your landing strip a test run, here is some information that may help you make up your mind.

How it Started

Women have been removing unwanted hair from their bodies since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. They used beeswax and similarly sugary compounds to remove hair up until the 1960’s when the bikini began to soar in popularity. At this point, women started removing hair around the bikini line. In the 20th century pubic hair maintenance and removal is quite popular and many believe it to be a mainstay of regular beauty rituals.

How it Works

Bikini waxing involves the removal of hair from below the belly button and in the bikini area. First, the waxing area is cleaned and talcum powder is applied to the skin, warm wax is then applied and thin strips of cloth are placed on top of the wax. As the wax cools, these strips of cloth are ripped away from the skin very quickly to remove the hair and any remaining hair is tweezed away by the technician in order to remove the hair from the hair follicle.

Types of Bikini Waxes

There are four main types including the full bikini wax, the Brazilian, American and French. The Brazilian and French wax leaves only a strip on the pubic area, the full wax removes all hair from the bikini area and buttocks, and the American wax removes hair also from the tops of thighs, below the navel and above the bikini line.

Keep In Mind

Bikini wax salon services can be painful because of the sensitive nature of the area being waxed. Professionals will often test a patch of skin to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the wax or product being used. This type of waxing is not permanent; it lasts for 2 to 4 weeks and normal appointments range anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. It is recommended that sun or swimming be avoided for 24 hours after waxing

Your favorite Windsor salon offers a number of hair removal processes using the Nufree hair removal system. A natural, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anhydrous botanical formula, Nufree is safe, clean, gentle and an effective way to get rid of those unwanted hairs and can be used on anything from eyebrows to backs, to the bikini area.

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