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Should You Schedule a Bridal Massage?

face massage.

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As every bride-to-be will tell you, there are a thousand and one options for bridal showers, girls’ nights out, and bridesmaids’ gifts. Along with the mix, some people recommend a spa day or massages. What’s the hype? Here, we look at whether getting a massage before your big day is right for you.


The relaxation factor for brides is huge. By the time the wedding is a couple weeks ago, they’ve most likely already spent months working out every detail of the ceremony and reception. Getting a bridal massage is a good way to relax and get away from it all.

Our bridal massages are much more than a shoulder rub! For true bliss, we pair a Swedish massage with a relaxing facial, collagen eye contour treatment, and foot rub.

You can spend some much-needed time on your own. Weddings are wonderful because of all the family time you get, but they can be stressful for exactly that reason. If you need to recharge on your own, a massage is a great way to do that.

If travel time is an issue, our mobile service will come to you! This is a great option for large groups or people pressed for time. Consider relaxing with a bridal massage in the comfort of the location you choose.


A deep tissue massage, while feeling the best and working out all the stress, can also dehydrate you. That’s because the deepest layers of tissue are stimulated and blood flow increases. Make sure to drink extra water before and after the spa day so that you don’t end up hurting your body instead.

If your massage therapist isn’t gentle, you could end up with sore muscles – no good! To avoid this, make sure to pick the best spa around and tell the therapist why you’re getting the massage. That way, she can customize it specifically to the needs of that stressful time.

If your goal is to spend time with family, consider scheduling manicures or pedicures instead. That way, you’ll all be in the same room and can chat together. When the future in-laws are there too, mother and sisters perhaps, the two families can mingle comfortably. This can be good bonding time that you’ll remember for years to come.

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