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Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

Soap blocks

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At our Windsor salon, our top priority is your body and hair care, and that includes letting you know about some shampoo ingredients you should avoid completely. Our Windsor salon experts only use the best products, so you can be sure that anything we use is safe, but you should also be certain that the shampoo you use at home is safe too.

Take a look at these ingredients to avoid when it comes to your shampoo.

  • Ammonium lauryl sulphate: this drying ingredient is really bad for your hair, but it’s also hard to find a shampoo without this ingredient. Try looking for natural and organic shampoos that hold off on the sulfate.
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate: if your shampoo bubbles when you use it, it probably has sodium lauryl sulphate. This is the ingredient that thoroughly washes hair and causes bubbles, but it also strips hair of all natural oils, and this can dry hair out. So, skip this one too.
  • Parabens: parabens are added to shampoo in order to extend shelf life, but parabens are really bad news. Why? These additives can really irritate your scalp, and that can lead to a hormonal imbalance. In the end, parabens may also cause your hair to thin or break.
  • Formaldehyde: did you know that a lot of commercial shampoos have formaldehyde? Well, they do! Prolonged exposure to this ingredient can lead to hair loss, and it’s really just not good for your health at all!
  • Alcohol and perfume: love the scent of your shampoo? It probably has alcohol in it, which is a drying agent. Go for natural shampoos that have natural oils instead of synthetic fragrances, and you will see the difference this makes.
  • Synthetic colors and other synthetics: your shampoo doesn’t have to be colored, so just avoid any product that has synthetic dye.

Where to Find Good Shampoo

Most top quality shampoos are not sold in pharmacies. You can buy shampoo that is good for your hair at your Windsor salon, so ask us about the products that we carry, and we’ll be happy to sell these to you at a great price. You can also find some decent products in pharmacies, but you do have to read ingredient labels. Often, manufacturers will hide certain ingredients, and some of those things that are added may not make any sense at all, so you’ll have to research those additives.

The key to keeping your hair healthy is to make sure that you wash it with quality products, and that you’re not washing your hair too often (which can cause drying). It’s also a good idea to visit your Fort Collins spa for a hair mask once in a while, and for a regular cut. Hair can be really confusing and frustrating, but we can help take the guesswork out of how you can take better care of your hair. You can book a consultation with one of our stylists to see how your hair can be repaired, or how you can maintain any luxurious locks that you already have. Keep in mind that your hair looks best when you avoid any harsh ingredients, so pay attention to the things listed above, and avoid those things at all costs.

If you have a question for the experts at your Fort Collins spa about the shampoo that you are using or about the type of shampoo you should buy, let us know here or on Facebook. We’d also love to hear about any natural or organic products that you have found, so make sure to let us know about those! Be aware of the shampoo that you use, and your hair will respond to that great product you find.

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