Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

It’s the season of snow boots and comfy loafers, of hiking shoes and slippers, and it’s easy to forget about the state of your feet under all those layers. Summer is typically thought of as the season for pedicures and maintaining smooth, beautiful feet, but it’s important to give them some love in the winter too! The cold, dry season can be especially hard on your skin, and it’s the time when people notice that their heels or arches are starting to crack. These minor lines, cracks, and irritation can become extremely inflamed and uncomfortable, making it hard to walk or wear certain shoes.

Spa pedicures are typically thought of as cosmetic, but they can actually do wonders for the health of your feet, and your whole body. Here are just a few of the benefits of pedicures that your winter feet would love:

  1. Exfoliate dry or cracking skin

It’s normal for your feet to get dry and start to crack in the cold weather, but regular pedicures can keep this from getting out of hand. You’ll get deep exfoliation to remove dead skin, renew the skin’s surface, and get rid of the peeling bits that snag your socks or tights.

  1. Boost blood flow

Most people have pretty cold feet and hands in the wintertime, but it’s not healthy for that to go on for too long. A pedicure (or even better, a full massage!) at your local spa can encourage better circulation, keeping your toes warmer, and helping to flush out toxins.

  1. Prevent ingrown nails

Having pedicures on a regular basis can keep your toenails looking healthy and strong, especially when you coat them with mineral-rich, natural nail polish. Your spa professional will take their time to trim, moisturize, and buff your nails and nailbeds for a healthy look and feel.

Men and women, especially those living in this Colorado climate, will benefit greatly from a winter pedicure or two. Beyond the three amazing perks we’ve listed, pedicures can help you relieve stress, feel grounded, and look great when you do manage to take your socks off. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a winter holiday on the beach, your feet will be in tip top shape!

Want to book your soothing, healing spa pedicure today? Reach out to us at the salon. Or ask us about our gift certificates, to treat a loved one to a bit of winter foot pampering!

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