Simple Ways to Minimize Your Pores


There are more than a handful of products on the market that claim to minimize pores, but do these products actually work? What can you do about pores that are large? Can you make them appear smaller? The truth is that you can reduce the appearance of large pores, but actually shrinking them is a bit harder. Here’s the scoop.

Products that Minimize

You’ll have to visit your dermatologist for some of these products, but there is evidence that products like Retinol (prescription) can actually reduce the appearance of larger pores. Used regularly, Retinol will help your pores appear smaller. If you want to shrink those pores completely, there’s a product called Accutane that will make pores physically smaller, but when you stop using the product your pores will return to normal size.

If you want to go for a more invasive, yet more effective treatment, you can seek out various laser options that will shrink pores permanently. Otherwise, making pores look smaller will be a matter of surface, and you won’t be able to actually make those pores smaller – but if you don’t care about anything other than appearances, there are some things that you can do to make pores look smaller.

A Few Good Options

The first thing that you can do to help your pores look smaller is make sure that you have an excellent skin care routine. You have to wash, tone, and moisturize with sunscreen every single day. This will help you gain smoother skin that looks better all around. In addition to that great skin care routine, you also have to exfoliate regularly – at least two to three times per week. But exfoliation can be tricky.

Picking a scrub that contains harsh particles in the hopes of scrubbing away your pores and imperfections won’t work. So don’t fall prey to all of those apricot pits and almond bits. If you exfoliate too much, you can actually make your pores look larger. Instead, switch to a topical acid that you apply once or twice per week. These acids are much more effective, and they won’t tear apart your skin.

We’ll Say It Again!

You really can’t have good skin if you aren’t using sunscreen. Even if it’s cold, dark, or damp, you need to use sunscreen every single day to avoid premature spots and lines and wrinkles. If you plan to sit in the sun, wear a hat. You can expose your skin for a short period of time, but your skin will look much younger and smoother if you aren’t letting your face soak up those damaging rays for an entire day or weekend.

Another popular method that has been popping up lately is charcoal. Charcoal? That’s right, the same stuff that you use to power your barbeque might be great for your skin. Charcoal scrubs can be found on pharmacy shelves, and charcoal has natural grease and oil fighting properties. If you have oily skin, give a charcoal scrub a try. The other really good way to reduce pores is to make sure that you get regular facials.

Facials in Windsor

At Athena Salon and Spa, we take care of your skin including your face and those pesky pores! We have many different types of facials that you can select from in order to make the appearance of your shrinking pores better. If pores are a concern for you, visit our organic salon for more information about how you can shrink your pores. Our experts will match you with the right facial, and you’ll see your pores slowly start to disappear.

While it’s tough to really shrink large pores, you can do a lot to make them appear smaller. Come and see what we have to offer at our Windsor spas – and visit us on Facebook to let us know what your pore shrinking tricks are!

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