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As your Fort Collins day spa, Athena is entirely focused on making sure that you are well from head to toe, and part of keeping your beauty routine in check is making sure that you get enough sleep at night. Plus, sleeping well means looking younger, and who doesn’t love that? We recently discovered a really interesting theory based on the concept that you can detoxify your bedroom in order to get more sleep.

As it turns out, most of us have a lot of toxins in our bedrooms, and that can actually lead to less sleep (and more wrinkles!). Here are some of the best ways to get rid of those toxic things from your Fort Collins day spa – let us know if you test any of these out!

– Purify Your Air: as your sleeping, the air inside of your bedroom seeps into your pores, quite literally, and into your lungs. If you are breathing air that’s not pure, you’re not doing your body any favors. What’s a better solution? Purchase an air purifier, and let that machine run while you sleep. This way, you can breathe clean air that isn’t full of harmful things.
– Turn Off Your Devices: how many of you use your cellphone or tablet as an alarm clock? All electronics emit a low level of radiation, and that’s not a good thing when it comes to sleeping soundly without any kind of interference. Put your device in another room when you sleep – you’ll notice the difference this small change makes.
– Clean Up the Clutter: your bedroom should be a clutter-free zone. If you have lots of stuff cluttering up the floor or hanging from shelves, simply toss some things out – or donate some stuff to charity. The more time you spend organizing your closets and drawers, the cleaner your room will be.
– Go Organic: while tossing out all of your sheets might not be smart (and we don’t condone the wasteful part of this, either), getting rid of some older sheets in exchange for some organic cotton sheets is a good idea. Why? Because cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides, and organic cotton is free from all of those harmful chemicals. Treat your body right, and go with organic cotton bedding from this point on.
– Make it Minimal: the typical bedroom set comes with a bureau, a bed, and maybe a night table or two. But, you don’t have to have all of these things. In fact, making your bedroom space minimal will help you sleep better – and that’s the most important thing of all, since it’s one of the major keys to looking and feeling younger.
– Clean Your Curtains: when’s the last time your curtains got a bath? Take them down, throw them in the laundry, and let the air dry – you’lll notice and smell the difference this makes.

As your Windsor spa experts, Athena’s team is here to help you feel better all around. From letting you know how to detox your bedroom to helping you out when it comes to detoxing your body with amazing spa treatments, our goal is to make your life better and purer, so that you can enjoy looking and feeling better.

Windsor Spa Treatments

Aside from detoxing your bedroom space, another way to make sure that you feel and look great is to come in for regular facials and body scrub treatments. Take a look at the various treatments we offer, and consider treating yourself to something as fabulous as microdermabrasion – you’ll look younger, we promise! But, keep in mind that keeping your skin fresh includes everything from what you eat to how you sleep.

You have to make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. If you find that you aren’t sleeping, try detoxifying your space. You’ll quickly discover why these simple tips can really make a huge difference. Our Windsor Spa experts want to hear about your adventures in detoxifying, so make sure to leave us a note here or on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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