Snag These Spring Colors For Your Next Manicure

Snag These Spring Colors For Your Next Manicure

Snag These Spring Colors For Your Next Manicure

The warm weather and blooming fields are nearly upon us, and with that fresh new burst of energy comes some new beauty trends. Every season, the style and fashion world shifts points of view, and emphasizes something fun and different for people to take part in. Maybe you are a salon regular, and love getting your weekly or monthly manicure, so you have the opportunity to try out new nail color trends. But even if you only splurge on a professional nail job now and then, it’s a great time to explore the fun colors and patterns that arrive each spring!

In 2016, you have lots of wonderful things to look forward to at the salon, and you can take your inspiration from anywhere- the runway, jewelry trends, home décor, even your own wardrobe. While certain nail colors like blood red and the classic white-tip French will never go out of style, it’s so much fun to go with something new, fresh, and flirty as the Colorado days get longer. Here are some hot ideas to try with your nails this spring!

  1. Buttery yellow

That’s right- yellow is having a moment. This sunny shade is ideal for spring because it’s light, cheery, and goes well with various outfits. Choose a nice mellow tint for an understated elegance with a nontraditional twist. Look for colors that are muted but not too dull- think butter, sunflower, or lemon meringue. It pairs wonderfully with navy blue, teal, and plum.

  1.  Rose gold

Yes indeed, rose gold has officially taken the style world by storm. Dainty jewelry, home furnishings, and makeup has followed suit to showcase this shimmery, feminine color. Rose gold nail polish is a classy take on normal metallic shades, and adds a flattering punch to nearly every outfit. Bonus points for matching accessories!

  1. Neutral sheer

Spring is the time for light, wispy things, and nail color is no different. There are so many variations in this category, you could really go to town with your manicure. Sheer shades in white, champagne, silver, or light pink are lovely to greet the warm and sunny days. Or you could opt for a cotton candy coat of sparkles or lacy finish.

  1. Pastel ombré

Love it or hate it, ombre is still hot. It revolutionized the hair salon, and interior design worlds, and now you can have it on your nails. Pretty pastels are the ideal choice for this gentle technique, working with shades like lavender, pink, or cream to create a lovely gradient. This is a great design for special occasions like spring weddings, garden parties, or a girls’ brunch!

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