Solutions for Common Men’s Hair Problems


Though much of the hair styling and coloring market is geared toward women, men also have troubles with their hair. And because of their unique needs, their hair should be taken care of differently than women. What specific hair troubles do men suffer from? And how can they alleviate those problems? Here at your favorite Fort Collins hair salon, we have a few tips for keeping you – and your hair – looking great.

Hair Cut

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Gray hair can appear at any age, even as young as high school. But this is a look that will instantly make you appear older, and men are no more exempt from this fear than women are. When trying to cover up this color, you should definitely visit a professional colorist. At-home attempts to cover gray often look artificial, since they don’t blend naturally with your original hair color.

The color should look natural and subtle. Otherwise, an unnatural color could make you look even older than the gray does! Opt for a quality salon product, which will blend away the gray without covering up the natural shade of hair. We love the Alfaparf color line, which is natural and good for your hair. It has a low or no amount of ammonia, which keeps your hair healthy even while changing its color.

Losing Hair Gracefully

The second most common complaint among men is that they’re losing hair. Again, this process can begin as early as high school or college, making men appear much older than they actually are. And while aging is not a bad thing, no young man wants to see his hair fall out before its time!

Rubbing on creams, taking drugs, or buying into hair replacement schemes are not a very graceful way to deal with the problem. Nor is growing your hair long on one side and then combing it over. It’s probably better simply to take the genetic predisposition that nature gave you and accept the loss of hair, no matter when it occurs.

Again, getting an excellent professional haircut is the best thing you can do. A professional stylist at your Fort Collins hair salon will be able to cut your hair short to minimize the appearance of the loss. This can be done with subtle layers, texturing, and coloring. Once you have a great cut, focus on your glowing skin and natty wardrobe. People will notice your hair less and when they do, it won’t even matter.

Making Fine Hair Look Thicker

CC Image courtesy of hansvandenberg30 on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of hansvandenberg30 on Flickr

This hair can be a styling nightmare for men, especially when they keep their hair shorter. Women have slightly more options for styling with long hair when it’s thin, but men don’t. In this case, ask for a shorter, layered haircut. This will give the illusion of volume and maximize each strand.

The right products are essential in this case. Many products will dry hair out, strip away natural oils, and thin the hair even more. Choose a thickening shampoo and conditioner, and then style with the right salon products for volume and texture.

Controlling a Cowlick

The cowlick is typically associated with rowdy young boys, but it can pop up at any age. The direction your hair grows will have much more effect on whether you have a cowlick, not your age.

Two options present themselves: either cut it short so the cowlick can’t appear, or wear it long enough so that the hair is weighted down. Anything in the middle will stick up in an unsightly way. A stylist at our Fort Collins hair salon will be able to decide, given the texture of your hair and your personal preferences, which is better. She will also be able to cut it best to solve the problem. In this case, buzzing off all your hair in frustration is probably not the best option either. Once you have the appropriate haircut, don’t be afraid to apply product each morning to help tame the beast.

Fixing “Hat Hair”

Not wearing a hat is the most obvious solution for this problem, but that often isn’t an option. Men wear a variety of hats for work, along with the obligatory baseball cap on the weekends. The trick is not to wear one that’s too tight, and never to put on a hat when your hair is still wet. If you don’t have time between showering and leaving the house in the morning, blow dry your hair quickly to lessen the hat hair line.

Once the line is in your hair, you can remove it by wrapping a warm, wet towel around the line. If you don’t have a towel, simply wet your fingers and run them through your hair. This will both reactivate the salon products in your hair and remove the hat line.

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