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Wondering how the experts at your favorite spa and salon provide such a rejuvenating and relaxing experience? With the right expertise and touch, they can employ a variety of plants and herbs from natural/organic spa gardens to soothe your senses. Here’s a rundown of what you might find in one of these useful and fragrant gardens.

Lavender is a mainstay and often used during a spa massage. It has a calming and healing effect and offers a piney, peppery scent that truly stays with you. If also adds a bit of color to the garden. The best spa will recognize and use this herb often.

Rosemary offers a very earthy, woodsy scent and helps strengthen your immunity, ease digestion and increase blood circulation. It may be used in spa water, oils or a variety of natural spa treatments and has antiseptic properties.

Chamomile is a wonderfully useful herb in any spa garden. It cleanses, soothes, has anti-fungal effects and is anti-inflammatory so it’s wonderful for a masque or spa massage.

Basil is a mainstay in the cook’s kitchen, but it’s also useful for skincare. The fragrant herb has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic elements that make it a wonderful treatment for blemishes and acne.

Cucumber and Mint offer a cool and refreshing feel, alone or together. Mint awakens and energizes, and cucumber is essential for dewy looking sin because of the hydration they provide and slightly acidic properties that give a bright, even skintone. Mint also works well as a toner and is known to relieve itchy skin.

Strawberries are great for improving skin tone. They also exfoliate slightly and provide antioxidants and plenty of nutrients.

In addition to the herbs and plants here, a large variety of vegetation can be used for a luxurious pampering session. Lemons, avocados, kiwi, aloe vera and a large number of other produce/plants are very useful. Growing them successfully in a spa garden does depend on location and care, whether it’s at your favorite spa and salon or your own home, so this does affect availability.

These herbs and plants may be used in a variety of ways. The best spa will use organic ingredients to ensure no pesticides or chemicals are present. Organic plants and herbs also typically have a higher nutrient content than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Your spa and salon may even have a spa garden specifically built as a retreat and area of relaxation for guests. Soothing waterfalls or ponds create a serene atmosphere, and smooth cobble or paving stones can soothe feet and increase blood circulation as they stimulate pressure points. The herb garden typically features plants used in treatments at the spa or even in dishes and beverages offered.

Maintaining your own spa garden at home between visits can be beneficial and rewarding. Herbs can be kept on a patio or in the kitchen in a sunny area if you live in a very cold or drought-prone climate. Harvesting the herbs is typically as simple as pinching the foliage off just above a node and using them immediately for best results. Ask your spa staff which herbs they recommend for your skin and particular needs.

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