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Having meaningful relationships with other people is a primary human need, one that we all fulfill to varying degrees. Perhaps you like to spend almost every waking moment with children, spouse, coworkers, and friends. Maybe you’re a little quieter and prefer some alone time during the day. Either way, we all prioritize the relationships that matter most. How can we do this best and creatively? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and customize an event, perhaps one at your Fort Collins spa, that fits your personality style best.

Time Spent With a Spouse

Time spent with a spouse is one of the things that is missed most in American life. People wish they could prioritize more, but often the demands of family life and work interfere. We’re too busy getting manicures alone, standing in line at the grocery store, and keeping house. Consider prioritizing your relationship with your significant other by utilizing a few tips.

At a predetermined time every evening, turn off the technology. This means unplugging from the computer, phone and TV. You don’t necessarily have to spend the whole time talking (though those times are excellent). Instead, commit to spending time together without any distractions. You could read to each other, read your own books, or relax in front of a blazing fire with a glass of eggnog. It’s best to schedule this time in the evening once the kids are in bed, though not so late that you’re both drooping with exhaustion. Though this may be hard to prioritize at the beginning, pretty soon you’ll consider it the best part of the day.

Schedule an unexpected date. A couples massage is a great way to spend some time together. You can customize the massages based on what each of you need. Perhaps one of you is sore from coaching the kids’ soccer game, while the other is sore from a week in a desk chair. Either way, discuss the possibilities with your Fort Collins spa esthetician. She has a range of options to choose from – deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, and more – to help you both relax.

Thinking about dates, make a schedule of dates with your family and stick to them religiously. Perhaps you can schedule family dinner several times a week, or time helping children with homework, or a weekly date with your spouse. No matter what you choose, make sure to prioritize the date more than anything else in the day.

You’ll Never Regret Time Together

Former First Lady Barbara Bush once said, “At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spend with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent.”

This statement is very true. While it’s easy to focus on other goals, many of which have tangible ends that make us feel accomplished, relationships should take priority. There is no finish line or “A” written at the top of the page. Instead, there’s human touch and warmth, which give life its meaning.

Close Friends and Family Members

Spending time with friends is equally important. These people can help ground you, provide support in the rough time, and cheer with you in the good times. Consider arranging time out together to work on and enjoy those relationships.

A ladies’ night out at the salon is a great way to make people feel better about themselves while spending time with friends. You can customize this option with manicures, pedicures, chair massages, mini facials, and hair styling. Sip some wine and enjoy the spa to yourselves on this ladies’ night, as we pamper you and your girlfriends the way you deserve!

Wedding spa packages take the idea of a ladies’ night to a whole new level. On this occasion, you can celebrate the upcoming marriage of yourself or a close friend. The services offered are the same, with extra time and care given because of the importance of the wedding.

If a full ladies’ night isn’t a possibility, consider going to the salon with a friend for pedicures or manicures. Be sure to turn your phones off and leave the children at home. That way, you and your friend can spend time chatting, even as you’re caring for your nails.

Time and Care in Your Relationships

Relationships are extremely important and deserve some extra care. Without them, we would all struggle to survive emotionally. Going to a salon can be a creative, fun way to inject your relationships with the time and attention they all need. A spouse or friends can turn a routine salon visit into a memorable event. Consider spending time with them – and us – at the spa. We’ll see you soon!

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