steam spa

Spa Treatments That Use the Power of Steam

steam spa

Many spas in almost every country use the ancient power of sweat by steam followed by exposure to ice-cold water. Using steam is an old tradition, yet becoming a popular fad as a healthy spa treatment. In Finland, the ancient tradition is practically mandatory. Steam baths are considered a healthy tradition and strangely enough as a social setting. An American steam bath, a Yiddish schuitz, a Turkish hammams, a Russian banyas or a sweltering hot steam bath by any other name is a great way to spend an afternoon. Massages and facials at a Fort Collins spa is an excellent choice as well.

The particulars of a steam bath vary from culture to culture, but many spas strive to offer patrons a variety of services. Check all valuable at the front desk before heading to the locker room to let the spa specials begin. Regular customers traditionally bring bathing suits and shoes, but salon products like a sleeveless robe are sometimes available to borrow. At an additional charge, salon products often include a traditional pointed wool cap for bathers to cover their heads in order to retain body heat.

Some of the most exotic steam baths are found in spas. A Russian radiant heat room is by far one of the hottest spa specials. It is normally a larger room heated by a furnace using hot stones or continually kept steaming by constantly adding water. Spa specialists recommend no more than a 20-minute steam bath. Greek and Roman inspiration created baths with a cave motif that includes pillars and brick, white stone floors and lighted candles.

Dipping pools can range from temperatures of 45 degrees to 100 degrees offering an ice pool, salt pool and foam jetted pool. It is quite common for bathers to steam in the nude, so men and women have access to separate quarters. However, for those who want to enjoy the experience with someone special, co-ed facilities and couples massages remain readily available. Other spa specials include a choice of indoor or outdoor pools and a variety of powerful jets with temperatures of varying degrees.

Some rooms offer LED lighting and aromatherapy to set a particular mood. A sauna built with beamed wood ceilings and floor mats gets its inspiration from Korean Steam baths. Even ice saunas are a choice with thickened frost on the walls and maintained temperature of approximately 36 degrees. Although the Fort Collins Spa does not offer every spa service possible, after the first visit, people will find themselves returning time after time.

A variety of massages are offered ranging from a relaxing Swedish massage to the ultimate hot stone experience. Facials, pedicures and manicures add to the ultimate spa visit. After hours of pampering have you totally relaxed, add a spray tan and take advantage of the hair salon. Some spas offer weight loss programs. The Fort Collins spa weight loss program, like all of its services and spa products, makes the health of the patron a top priority.


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