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Spas and Kids: How Young Is Too Young?

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We all want the very best for our kids. Whether it’s enrolling them in the best schools or signing them up for private violin lessons, we want them to have a better life than we ourselves had. Look at your typical birthday party when we were growing up, and compare that to the birthday parties of today. I recall a handful of sleepovers sprinkled in with intimate family gatherings, just parents and grandparents in attendance, and that was just fine.

These days, kids are having birthday parties at movie theaters, adventure climbing centers, gymnastics studios, museums, and even hiring bands to play at backyard bashes. The kind of party we’re focusing on today: the spa party. It’s becoming a hot trend, and age doesn’t really seem to be a consideration when choosing a party at spas in Windsor. But should it? Let’s look at the kinds of things that are okay for young children, and the kinds of things that just aren’t.


You don’t really have to think too hard to realize why kids would love to hold a spa party. Just turn to the things they play with and their role models for the answer. From a very young age, girls learn that having their hair done, getting makeovers, and luxurious days at the spa are something special. Whether they’re playing with their Spa to Fab Barbie, applying nail polish and fun decals, or styling a doll’s hair, numerous children’s toys teach them all about pampering yourself.

One such toy is the Orbeez Luxury spa. Kind of like a kid’s version of a getting a pedicure in Fort Collins, you just fill the container with soft, colorful Orbeez balls, stick your feet inside, and turn it on. Your feet are treated to a warm, vibrating treat to massage and relax, so the packaging claims.

Older kids can purchase spa sets that not only pamper their skin, hair, and nails, but teach them a bit about science as well. The kids can make their own spa treatments at home, and use them when they’re done. Of course, they aren’t the organic and all natural treatments you would receive at Athena!

If they aren’t playing with spa-related toys, they’re watching their moms or grandmoms or aunts heading to the spa for relaxing and refreshing facials and massages. Since most girls just want to emulate their female role models, a spa day sounds like so much fun! According to the NY Times, the International Spa Association states that 25 percent of spas across the country cater to kids under the age of 13, while half of the nation’s spas offer services for teens.

Good for Kids?

Those within the spa industry believe that it is wonderful for kids to realize the health and wellness benefits of a great day at the spa. We take them to their yearly physical and bi-annual dentist cleanings, the spa should be no different. Starting early means it becomes a habit for life.

Others feel that it goes too far in spoiling kids, mostly child psychologists. They feel that it gives them an unrealistic view of themselves – not that they aren’t beautiful as they are, but they require these services to feel like a princess.

Just as with anything, there is good and bad. Introducing your child to the services at the natural hair salon and the occasional mani-pedi aren’t harmful, as long as you aren’t placing too much importance on the services and the way your child looks. Remind them they are beautiful inside and out, no matter if they’ve spent a day at the spa or not. There’s nothing wrong with making them feel special – just don’t go overboard and give them a princess complex!

A mother-daughter spa day every once in a great while is a wonderful way to bond with your daughter and reconnect in the midst of your hectic schedules. When you bring your daughter to Athena, you can feel at ease knowing that all treatments you choose aren’t harmful and are all natural. Contact us today to book your time with your little girl!

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