hair trends

Spring and Summer 2012 Hair Trends

hair trends

With summer 2012 nearing, learn what is in and what is not this year for the aspiring woman who wants to be in the know for that new summer do? The pony tail and bob cuts continue to be popular among women, and the Windsor salon, Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness, can help you achieve the new look for summer 2012. This hair salon is always updating trends for the current season and is at the forefront of fashionable hair designs, keeping with the summer of 2012. Cuts, colorings, specials and wedding spa packages for that special day is what the Windsor salon, Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness, is all about.

Angled bangs, layered bobs and pixie cuts are in this summer. Many are getting bobs with hair that just touches the nap of the neck and brushes past the shoulders in the front. Most women on the go, who do not have the time to fool with their hair and want an easy breezy cut, will be in this inner circle of trendy fashionable women with a cut at Athena. An above the shoulder bob is ideal. This cut is very low maintenance and in addition is a cool cut in hotter weather. Waves this summer are a classic look that is all the rage.

Along with new 2012 summer cuts come colors of solid auburn and, red to strawberry blond to platinum blonds. Generally not really accepted but is in full swing this year is dark roots that fade to lighter colors and is fast becoming a popular choice. Colors are taking on a whole new meaning this summer 2012 with neon colors of blues, greens, and reds, bringing the some of the fun back with the punk rock look.

If one really wants to make a hair fashion statement then try gray hair. Silver hair seems to be the all popular color this year and is catching on like wild fire. All of those women out there who rely on Miss Clairol to cover their gray try unleashing your gray locks this year and go natural for summer 2012. Have a professional at Windsor brighten and or highlight your natural gray to a stunning trendy color.

Be sure to call ahead for your wedding spa packages at our hair salon, where one will get the best service that money can buy from highly trained hair and spa professionals. Our spa packages range from alluring massages, trendy and adorable hair care and cuts, individualized with woman in mind, facials, and much more. Everyone leaves our spa ready to meet the day feeling invigorated and refreshed and having a new trendy look for summer 2012. The trends never stop at Windsor Salon. You will be glad that you decided to pamper yourself.

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