Spring Manicure Trends Straight from New York Fashion Week

If you’re itching to free your fingernails and toenails from the wooly confines of winter gloves and socks and once again show them off front and center with a chic spring-tastic manicure and pedicure, you’re not alone. New York Fashion Week not only pumped out an array of trendy fashion choices but also featured a number of gotta-have-it nail styles. From light and innocent to dark and dangerously chic, this year’s spring styles introduced at Fashion Week will have you yearning for sandals weather and fresh beauty salon manicured fingers and toes.

Here are a few style standouts from an article posted on HarpersBazaar.com. Spring Manicure Trends Straight from New York Fashion Week

Pale Nails

Neutral and cream-colored nails ruled the catwalk when it came to a majority of designers. A number of barely-there hues from soft and milky to pure white to French mani’s proved that the hot nail look this spring is toning it down and playing it cool.

Dark and Romantic

To contrast the neutrals, a number of designers chose to go dark and romantic, playing up shades of grey, navy, and purple. Referred to as the ‘dark angel’ look, these shades leave us feeling beautifully brooding.


Luxurious finishes such as gold, silver, and copper made their way down the runway and stole the show. Some of the most popular metallic looks included diamond decals and sleek platinum racing streaks. Painting just the tips with a touch of sparkle or specks of gold was another show stopper that is sure to catch on.

A Bit of Edge

Dark, dangerous and medieval was another trend at Fashion Week. The cage effect with crisscrossed strips, shark-bite jagged edges, and the red hot dripping blood look, while not for everyone, is a funky and twisted approach to spring nail styles that may appeal to the bold.

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