spring nails

Spring Nail Trends 2015

spring nails

We love the change in seasons because it means new hair and nail trends! This year, no model walked down any runway without having some kind of nail art, but it’s not the art that was popular last season. This season’s nail art is more understated and less graphic. Ready for a change? Here are some of the hottest new looks.

Painting moons: Many models this season are wearing nails that come with painted moons (the moon part of the nail) while keeping the rest of the nail nude. Pick a bold color to paint your moons and make sure that the rest of the nail is perfectly manicured.

White with a glint: Another popular look was the white nail (opaque) that had a single gold stripe across the nail. You could do this with silver or any other color, but the point is to keep the nails looking posh while also adding a bit of glint to them. This might be tricky to do on your own because you have to keep that line perfectly straight (best to book a manicure at our nail salon in Fort Collins!).

Go for the cuticles: This look is a bit different, but it’s something that might be fun to play around with. Paint just your cuticles in a ragged sort of way by painting your entire nail, and then removing the paint everywhere but around your cuticles. The look is somewhat tie-dye inspired.

New age French manicure: Typically, French manicures are white on white, but this spring’s manicures are taking on a new color. Think of shades that compliment each other like light and dark blue (dark blue on the nail, and light blue on the tips). Who says French manicures have to be traditional?

Bold red: Red is usually reserved for lips, but this spring bold red color paints nails all across the runway. If you want to get really dolled up, match some bold red lips with some bold red nails, and pair it all with a killer outfit.

Grey hues: We’re seeing a lot of grey nail colors this season too. If you’re looking for color that’s very different, go grey. It’s certainly not a color that you see everywhere and picking a lighter shade of grey is a really fun way to play with color that’s slightly subtle.

Channeling the 50’s: Another fun color trend is one that takes cues from the 1950s. Colors like burnt orange and reds (that aren’t quite fire engine) are coming back into style. Think of all those retro threads that you see in vintage shops, and then go from there.

3D nail art: We’re not sure how we feel about this one, but 3D nail art certainly has its place. If you want to really stand out, ask your manicurist for art that pops. You can spell out anything across your nails or just pick one nail to stand out with a unique 3D design.

Gradient manicures: Moving from one bold color to more subtle ones seems to be a thing right now too. Once again, you’ll need a talented manicure artist to pull this look off, but it’s lots of fun to create a look that moves from one color to another across the expanse of your nail.

Corals and oranges: If you’ve never tried an orange or coral nail, give it a shot this season. These nail colors are fun and unique and tend to go with most outfits.

Where to Get the Best Manicures

Part of our salon services at Athena include perfect pedicures and manicures. If you have an idea of what you’d like your nails to look like, simply bring in some photos to the salon to show your manicurist. If you’re looking for a nail salon in Windsor, look no further than Athena. We offer complete salon services from hair to makeup and manicures too. It’s been a long and rough winter, why not come in and enjoy a bit of a makeover when it comes to your nails? We’d love to see you today!

Which spring nail trend is your favorite? Pop on over to our Facebook page to let us know which trend you will showcase this spring. Do you like the bold red, the retro orange, or the crazy 3D look? Let us know!

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