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Stay Motivated for Lasting Weight Loss Results

Greg Westfall

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One of the biggest challenges I see as a wellness coach and fitness professional is keeping my clients motivated. They often start with a great deal of motivation and find that life gets in the way and their focus diminishes which translates into lack of motivation. Here are some tips to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

1. Write Down your big WHY: Why is getting in shape and taking care of your health important to you? Why does this need to happen in your life right now? Why are you finally doing something about this?

2. Post these little reminders in your space. Where do you spend the most time? At the office, at home, in your car, behind a computer? Wherever it is, paste these WHYS where you will see them often.

3. Set goals. Without goals it is as if you are swimming in circles not really ever getting anywhere. Start with small measurable goals so that you can be motivated as you meet them and then expand your goals as you go. Write them down and return to them often. Preferably daily but for sure once a week.

4. Weigh weekly. Studies prove that those who weigh once a week stay motivated more than those who do not track their weight. So crawl on and face the numbers. If they go up one week review what you did and what may have been the cause for the weight gain or plateau. Then go into your week better informed and with tools to get back on track.

5. Next create the vision of yourself that you can meditate on. See yourself how you plan to be and hold that vision strongly. Do not focus on where you are at now. Focus on where you will be once you meet your goals. Pull out those old skinny jeans and put them in a visible location so you see them daily. Or go purchase a motivation outfit that you plan on fitting into once you have reached your goal.

6. Find a buddy to help keep you focused. Be each other’s advocate and help one another stay on the right path. Share ideas on workouts and meals. Help each other when you see the other lacking motivation.

7. Hire a personal trainer or wellness coach. This may not be for everyone but it is a valuable tool to help many move forward. Having a knowledgeable professional who dedicates a lot of time to finding the best workouts and weight loss strategies to bring to their clients helps streamline your efforts and maximize your time. A personal trainer will need to be present with you to do your workouts and a wellness coach can be a professional who supports you in person or over the phone.

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