Still Searching For A Great Hair Stylist? Come To Athena!

Still Searching For A Great Hair Stylist? Come To Athena!

Still Searching For A Great Hair Stylist? Come To Athena!

You want your hair stylist to be someone who really gets you. Someone who can anticipate your needs, understands your unique style, and can offer suggestions to help you look your best. There are hundreds of hair professionals across the Front Range area, so how do you go about finding the best one for you? Whether you are someone who gets a simple hair cut every now and then, or someone who invests in regular coloring, it’s important to find a stylist that is qualified, competent, and friendly. You want your time spent in the chair to be fun and relaxing, and we know you’ll feel like family here at Athena Salon, Spa, & Wellness!

If you want to go to a salon that offers a full lineup of hair care options, as well as luxurious add-ons, then Athena is the place for you. Our team of dedicated stylists has experience in all sorts of techniques, including specialized hair color, damage control, and hair rejuvenation, and can give you the perfect hair cut for your unique face shape and desired look. We are passionate about stylist education, and you will find stylists in all levels of training and experience, so that you can select the perfect person for your needs and budget.

Because we are a full service salon and spa, you are sure to find the ideal stylist for all of your beauty and wellness needs, not just for hair cuts! We have licensed aestheticians, makeup artists, nail technicians, and massage therapists, and we even offer professional barber services for the lucky man in your life. Athena Salon is your one stop shop for looking good and feeling great, and we know how important it is to have a local home for your beauty routine. We serve the entire Fort Collins and Windsor area, and we are conveniently located near the highway, right along East County Road 32, so it’s never a hassle getting here.

At Athena, we are committed to providing the best in hair and skin care, and we only use natural and organic products, so you can rest easy knowing that everything in our salon is safe and effective. We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service, and we go above and beyond for our clients. So, if you’re still searching for a stylist you connect with, and a salon to call home, we invite you to come over and check out Athena Salon, Spa, & Wellness! And if you love us so much that you want to spread the word, we offer gift certificates for all of our services, in a varying amounts- ask us about them today!

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