Straight from the Beauty Salon: Holiday Party Beauty Tips

The holiday season is in full swing and that means a variety of fun holiday parties and functions. From Thanksgiving to New Years, the holiday party train is just about to leave the station and we want to make sure that you feel and look great when you’re making your festive rounds this year.

Oftentimes the holidays roll around before we’re even ready. So if you’ve found that you do not have the time or the money to laze around the beauty salon or turn yourself into a holiday superstar, you can instead just adhere to these easy-to-follow tips and ensure a fun and stylish party season.

Skin Care

Your face is the foundation for any look that you’re trying to achieve. It’s also the base for any makeup that you wish to wear. Therefore it’s extremely important, especially during the winter, to properly moisturize your face and skin. Use a light moisturizer at night before bed and during the day under your makeup. Remove makeup before going to bed, particularly during the winter months and consider professional facials, especially about a week before any important events to ensure that your skin and face are glowing.


The holidays are full of fun and festive treats, so in order to maintain your weight loss goals it’s best to plan ahead. Have a healthy snack before you attend any functions so that you’re not tempted to over eat the rich and calorie-laden food that is sure to be laid out at holiday parties. The less hungry you are when you show up, the less tempted you’ll be to sample every beautiful cream puff and gingerbread house.

Hair and Makeup

Holiday parties are an opportunity to really wow with your makeup. According to Beauty Tips Online, frost eye shadows and creams can play up eyes, as can red lipsticks and colored eyelashes. Bronzer can also be quite lovely during the holidays as long as it’s used in moderation. Also, make sure that it isn’t any more than one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Holiday parties are also a great time to try something new with your hair, like a sophisticated up-do. Make sure to make an appointment with one of your favorite Fort Collins hair salons to get expert advice on hair and makeup techniques before your big event.

If you want to make a grand appearance at this year’s Christmas bash, just follow these simple and inexpensive tips and you’ll be sure to be the belle of the ball.

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