Straight From the Headlines: Does Being Happy Make You Healthier?

Being happy doesn’t only enhance your beauty, but can it also make you healthier? Scientists have been asking this question for decades and continue to pursuit the connection between happiness and health. Now according to a recent blog post on, emerging research is beginning to validate what many wisdom traditions have believed for ages – that having a sense of peace, fulfillment, purpose and overall happiness leads to a healthier and longer life.

The beauty experts at Athena Spa and Salon in Windsor understand that feeling good about yourself after a trip to the day spa not only elevates their customer’s happiness, but does this result in elevated health as well? Girls Smiling

Social scientists Sonja Lyubormirsky, Ed Diener, and Martin Seligman have spent years exploring ways to quantify happiness and have created a “happiness formula”. Happiness = Set Point + Conditions in Life + Voluntary Action. This indicates that happiness is partly genetic, partly a result of circumstance, and partly an outcome of conscious decision-making. According to the scientists, the external conditions of one’s life only account for 7-10 percent of actual happiness, while genetics make up 40 percent and voluntary actions make up 50 percent.

In her book, Lyubormirsky argues that nearly every aspect of health seems to be affected by happiness or lack thereof, including physical and mental well-being, energy levels, immune function, relationships with others, and even life-spans. A growing number of evidence shows that being happier can actually make you live longer.

So how do we live happier lives? Some suggestions include physical exercise, cognitive therapy, meditation, listening to our own bodies, nurturing relationships, and taking part in activities that bring us happiness and relaxation.

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