Straight from the Headlines: Virginia Spa Introduces Revolutionary Spa Concepts

The beauty business will never go out of style; in fact it continues evolving and offering new and revolutionary ways to treat and pamper. Salon and spa services make patrons feel beautiful, relaxed, re-energized and ready to take on the world, which is a necessary and vital service.

According to an October blog post on, a salon in Haymarket, Virginia introduced two new revolutionary spa concepts: a Beauty Bar and a Sleep Lounge. The Beauty Bar is made for patrons that want to merely drop-in for quick and inexpensive salon and spa services. These typical services consist of eyebrow waxes, nail polish changes, or hand and eye treatments. The space reserved for the Beauty Bar also doubles as an event area salon services and trendswhere they can host special functions, guest speakers or workshops that speak on beauty and healthy living.

The Sleep Lounge is a spa lounge where guests can rest after their spa or salon service or take a rejuvenating nap before resuming their busy lives.

The owner of Tranquility Day Spa and Salon, Gloria Harding had this to say about her two new spa offerings, “The Beauty Bar concept has been one of the most effective marketing concept for overall growth of our spa. The featured services of the Beauty Bar are ‘minis’ or express services that mirror our full-size services but are less expensive and less time consuming, which is extremely appealing to today’s consumer. The original concept was to use the bar to draw guests in to try our services—they don’t need an appointment to have one, and can stop in anytime to have them done while still enjoying our wonderful hospitality, a glass of wine or cheese, crackers and homemade chicken salad!

The Bar was an instant hit! As the first few months developed, we realized that if we can offer the same service but take them to the spa to do it, instead of having it at the bar in the front lobby, then we could expose them to how fabulous the spa is! So, we started doing that instead and it worked brilliantly!! Most people book a full size service before they leave now!”

By offering new, exciting and much-needed services, the salon and spa industry is continuing to serve a vital need in society and is a burgeoning market as a result.

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