Summer Skin Care Mini-Series: A Healthy Glow

Did you know that Scott Barnes, the author of Jennifer Lopez’s signature makeup look, says “Fake it, don’t bake it?” According to an interview he did for the New York Times, she is naturally very pale! Celebrities know that a “real” color achieved from the sun or the tanning bed is not healthy for their skin, will age them more quickly, and could essentially shorten their career in the long run. While SPF salon products are still on special at the Athena beauty salon, you might consider giving your summer makeup routine an overhaul with these simple tips:a natural bronzed look

1. Use Bronzer: Bronzer adds color to your look as well as depth and radiance, but remember that less is more! When using bronzer, be careful to work from the outside of your face inward. Blend lightly and layer the colors. Be sure to avoid the areas under your eyes so you don’t create dark shadows!

2. Bronzer Works For Cheekbones, Too!: Consider a matte bronzer to add depth to your cheekbones. This will give you the greatest precision and allow you to create a naturally sculpted look. Consider carefully the shade you are purchasing to be sure it suits your complexion – think a very light tan, or a hint of peach, but NOT orange if you are pale. Stay within the colors that work for you! To mimic the sun’s radiance on your skin, highlight your cheekbones with a gold or champagne shimmer.

3. Don’t Forget the Pink: If you are going for a bronzed look, you will be leaning heavily on the browns. Throw in a bit of pink blush or eyeshadow to keep your look feminine and add variety to your palette. The contrast will complement both colors, bringing out the features you’ve highlighted even more!

4. Self Tanner Works Too: Look for a good self-tanner formula, or get a spray tan from the Athena beauty salon. Using salon products over your lightly tanned skin will double the effects of both. If you are using a self tanning product, you might consider mixing the product with a bit of moisturizer until  you trust the look that it gives you. Over time, you can decrease the amount of moisturizer you are using until you feel that the combination is right for you.

5. Protect Your Natural Beauty: Although the fashion magazines have been preaching “tan is healthy” for many years, they are now backpedaling to say that it was false, and tanning leads to early aging, wrinkles, spots, and even cancer. As tempting as it may be at first, if you stay true to your natural glow by protecting your skin from the sun and avoiding tanning beds, you will reap the benefits for decades to come!

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