Summer Skin Care Mini-Series: Salon-Approved Sunscreen Tips

As we know, protecting the skin from the sun is essential to long-lasting beauty and graceful aging. But slapping on some sunscreen is not enough unless it is done correctly and combined with other forms of sun protection. Here are some salon-approved tips for keeping your skin safe from the sun and beautiful for years to come:

Choose the Right Sunscreen

It’s best to find a sunscreen that offers strong protection and is comfortable to wear. Experiment with different brands until you find one that feels best on your skin. You should look for an SPF of at least 15, and preferably 30 or higher since your face receives the most exposure all year around. The bottle should say “broad-spectrum,” which means that it protects you from UVB, which burns your skin, and UVA, which causes signs of aging like wrinkles and spots. The Athena Salon currently has a sale on SPF skincare products, making it easy to look for the one that works for you!

Put on Enough Sunscreen

While many of us do have sunscreen in our moisturizer and makeup, we often don’t wear enough of it to get the SPF that is shown on the bottle. For days when you are planning to be outdoors, wear a sunscreen under your makeup so that you can get your full protection. For the rest of your body, use twice as much sunscreen as you think you need, because most people don’t actually put on enough sunscreen to get the SPF protection shown on the bottle. If you put on a thick layer of sunscreen twice before you go out, half an hour apart, you will get better protection.

Keep Your Skin Out of the Sun

Decreasing the amount of time your skin is directly exposed to the sun will remove some of the burden of protecting itself, and help you enjoy the outdoors longer. Depending on your plans, think of ways to keep your skin safe by wearing long sleeves and pants, a hat, sunglasses, or sitting under trees, shade canopies, or umbrellas. Plan ahead to determine the type of shade or clothing that will be appropriate for your activities.

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Time Your Day When Possible

The sun is strongest between 10am and 3pm. If possible, plan to be outdoors before or after those times. Encourage friends and family members to do the same in hopes that you can integrate this form of protection into your regular routines.

It Really Works!

The beauty experts at Athena Salon, as well as leading dermatologists, have found these tips to be effective in reducing signs of aging and skin cancers. Remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin!

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