Summer Skin Care Mini-Series: Tanning Q&A

Tanning and sun protection has been in the news increasingly lately. Here, we at Athena, your favorite Fort Collins spa, demystify the latest research and trends for you!

Q: What’s so bad about tanning?

A: Tanning is a sign of damage to your skin cells that is caused by the sun. This damage can lead to wrinkles, skin cancer, or permanent marks on your skin like freckles or sun spots. Over time, skin that has been constantly tanned begins to look leathery and loses its elasticity.

Q: Isn’t indoor tanning safer because the amount of UV is controlled?

A: Indoor tanning in tanning beds or booths is linked to melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer there is. Frequent tanners can be diagnosed with melanoma at a very young age. If you tan outdoors, you will receive a large dose of UVB, which causes burning on the surface of your skin, whereas if you tan indoors, you will receive an even larger dose of UVA, which damages your skin at a deeper level that is closer to your blood vessels. The depth of the damage is dangerous since damaged cells that become cancerous can easily spread throughout your body.

Q: If tanning is so bad for you, why does everyone do it?

A: In truth, tanning was a fad that has been fashionable for quite some time, but has now run its course. As the fashion industry and Hollywood are becoming more educated about the long-term effects of tanning, lighter skin is now becoming more popular among models and movie stars alike.

Q: What if I work outdoors and can’t help getting tan?

A: If you work outdoors, you are likely to tan whether you want to or not. The important thing for you is to protect your skin as much as you can. Even if you are already tan, it’s not too late to start protecting your skin! Look for loose, long-sleeved clothing that will keep the sun off your skin if it isn’t too hot outside. Stay in the shade as much as possible, and wear sunscreen with a high SPF every day.


Q: I can’t stand the way I look without a tan. Is there any way I can get some color?

A: Athena Fort Collins spa offers a variety of options for spray tans. These spa services will give you a quality bronzed look without any hazards to your health. Research has found that spray tans do not present any medical concerns. Call today to book your spray tan at the Athena Spa!

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