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    farm cows

    Farm House Fresh

    How excited would you be to buy products that were farm-fresh, natural, and good for your skin? The Farm House Fresh line offers all those things and more. We invite you to settle into a rocking chair, spread jam on a piece of toast, and visit the farm at your Windsor spa. Every Farm House Fresh

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    Hot Fall Pedicure Trends

    Despite the fact that our toes are often buried in heavy socks and fashionable boots during the fall and winter months, that doesn’t mean that we can neglect our toes. Our tootsies play an important role in our body’s overall health and wellness and they deserve the same respect as our beautifully manicured fingers. In

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    If You Give a Woman a Haircut…

    In the modern age of stress, women rarely set aside time for themselves. The result is an overworked, unhealthy population. Time for pampering is essential to the wellbeing of all people, but especially of women. Many times when a woman gets a few moments away from the workplace, her kids, even the man in her

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    Does Your Pedicurist Bite Your Feet?

    A pedicure is usually a very relaxing, enjoyable process that results in beautifully sculpted feet. During the best pedicures, there’s something relaxing about having a professional gently scrub off dead skin and revitalize the foot into a soft, smooth surface. But one highly unusual technique might have you on edge before the procedure even begins!

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